’tis a gift to simple (2)

August 15, 2008 at 7:11 pm | Posted in pictures, tshirt, writing | 16 Comments
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existence itself is a miracle

(at my age)



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  1. hahaha, you do look strikingly similar to bean in that pic! indeed, existence is a beautiful miracle, and that linked post of yours is a beautiful display of your grandeur with words and their interwoven tapestries…
    Ahh, Sumedh, so many times I have been told I remind people of Mr Bean, oh well,

  2. That post is one of my favourites from recent times, too. Typical of you to do such a complete exposé after yesterday’s post on anonymity, haha. Cheers!
    Cheers, Mary P. Not quite a complete expose, hahaha. Still hiding behind the image,

  3. What a beautiful post that linked one is 🙂 As are you , m’dear.
    Thankyou, Simonne, I am blushing,

  4. I never saw existence as a miracle… because it happens with everyone… and everyone can’t be a miracle, otherwise a miracle would just be another mundane thing…
    Ahh but, everyone’s existence is perfectly unique and it is a miracle that anything exists at all,

  5. Hear hear…

  6. Is that you in the photo? What a devilish smile.
    Cool, Christine, devilish,

  7. ha ha way cool gingatao
    You too are way cool, Tipota,

  8. thank you for coming closer. hello,

  9. Bravo! Wonderful pic 🙂

    Existence is a miracle…wow man..exactly what I needed to hear today. Sending good vibes to you, friend.
    Tina, you are wonderful,

  10. at any age
    yes indeed,

  11. Hello, Paul, thanks for visiting and the suggestion. The Ditherer, indeed.
    How you got from here to there is a mystery.
    Heady stuff here, for a Hermit. I shall try.
    Yes sorry, hermits should only be prodded on occasion, I know. I saw a remarkably concise and accurate comment by you about writing that is how we spread contagion,

  12. a miracle, indeed.
    Puppy dog eyes? Can’t see ’em.
    A simple gift? A wonderful gift.
    The exquisite precision of which the language is capable is actually a longing? Brilliantly constructed 🙂
    Harmonie, hellooo. Thankyou so much for your comments. You don’t need to if it’s painful, you poor thing. Get better soon but relax and take your time too,

  13. Hello!! Waves!!
    Helloooo, wwwavesss,

  14. ..perhaps it is a pondering piece you speak in 4 simple words and a photo 2… or maybe you just had to be somewhere..you were late…left the front porch light on and we by chance happen to see..uncovered and naked.. er, umm..well, u do have a hat on…
    I am simple creature, Pieceofpie, I would be naked all the time if the world allowed it and it wasn’t so cold at the moment,

  15. happy happy happy happy happy happy

    blogoversy!!! bloganniversary?? whatever it is it!!

    at this age of one and one hundred and all time and been no time and a long time and some time

    a toast to you naked hairy man and your naked hairy blog with warts and everything!!

    helllllloooooooo gingatao!
    Helloooooo, wooohooo, party time. Warts!? Oh no I was trying so hard to hide them, hahahahaha, hellooooo,

  16. warts make it all more real–no hiding them–revel in them!
    You are fantastical, woohoo, happy everything to you too,

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