Brazilian Invisibility Spell

August 14, 2008 at 6:31 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 13 Comments
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the essential anonymity of the artist in
Sao Paolo streetart done with stencils sure
but such passion that black and red,
white and blue leap from the wall
and assert liberation into the image,
the artists are Hieronymous not from ‘umility
but from a belief in the power and freedom
in anonymity behind the image, Exu. You cannot assert that you
know Picasso nor Matisse all their remains
are mere images and endless interpretations burned
blurred into the retina and the bus smells
faintly of magnolia thinks Saudade
looking blankly at the back of her nails,

To take an actual busride and look at the streetart of Sao Paolo go here…



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  1. The artist creates, whether it be upon the walls of the ghetto or the doors of the soul. For they are the same, my friend. We poor starving artists are so rich the world will never hold the measure of our bounty. But time may judge us, gods.

  2. I just love dropping a heavy comment and leaving, makes me feel like Zorro kind of, lol Your writing is always wonderfully entertaining even if I have no clue of what I’ve just read. You and Tom Robbins are the only two people who have ever had that effect on me. But me and you are pals. Tom? I’m not sure what Tom is. lol “Jitterbug Perfume”, “Skinny Legs and All”…

  3. I suspect that the sign of a true artist is to disguise themselves within their work because they realise the precious lifeline that anonymity allows. It is another smack in the face to ‘celebrity’, which can be used and abused by those who have developed a persona to hide behind. I suppose the danger in that is when they start to believe that persona themselves.

    Streetart is just THE most liberating thing, I agree with you. It surpasses all other genres for political and contemporary statements – not just in the act but also in the subject matter.

    Oh yeah… and your writing is pretty fab too, haha… love this and the gentle but firm message it conveys.

  4. Loved this, the way you create your own rhythm in the language while saying something profound. My favorite line is ‘assert liberation into the image.’

    *finger clap* cuz that’s all I can manage right now :-0

  5. To be perfectly honest, when I read this one, I saw the word “meatballs” spring out… I have no idea why, I am a vegetarian, never seen it or had it in my life… Its beautiful 🙂 and i’m going around the bend 😦

  6. thanks gingatao for telling it, the magical mystery tale, artists are hooting round the lifeline, grateful for the immaculate perception

  7. reading you, an image of myself lying on the street pavement popped up in my head.

    i lay there watching the people walking by giving odd glances and rude stares and i think i laid there to make a point, to stand up for something i can’t explain. it is the most bewildering, satisfying feeling

  8. on hindsight… forgive my nonsensical intrusion above, i wrote that without thinking and with a spiking temperature and a bag of ice on my head so, well i enjoyed this piece of literary delicacy, if it helps?

  9. Ah, the anonymity of the writer on the blog. Why is that such a draw, so compelling, too tempting to resist, like scribbling poetry in the bathroom stall, only the doors are bigger.

  10. this touched my heart in so many ways. the colorful but thin strings to which I am attached to that country of Brazil. somehow that place falls in my lap again and again and its art is always what leaps at me, from the walls yes. they are so passionate, so expressive in their faith, hope of liberation. i am so greatful for this piece. i could go on and on…

  11. beautiful interpretation. can’t wait to take my “busride” once i get home.

    you bring up a good idea. i want to write a poem based on a video. why limit myself only to images?

  12. […] a hard life being famous and poor, I tell ya. You don’t want that, son. Anonymity is of course a prerequisite for the artist since only the most vain would assume that they know me […]

  13. […] a hard life being famous and poor, I tell ya. You don’t want that, son. Anonymity is of course a prerequisite for the artist since only the most vain would assume that they know me […]

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