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Well, I did what I did and I done it as well as I could said F. gently balancing his glass on your tummy and kissing your nipple like tasting a strawberry. My goodness, you are beautiful. How has everything been while I was on my travail? The old man still around? I’ve got something for him, an old Chinese Puzzle Box I picked up in Shanghai and then went silent as his mind slipped away and his hand traced the soft line on the inside of your thigh. Hah, guess what, I saw that piano player you used to tease so. He was guarding a door to nowhere on a slowly sinking ship of fools still fiddling with that strange jazz of his, slowly into a sea of words dissolved, became nothing more than a space between two soft folds parting in an admission of consent. He sighed.


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  1. I saw a good show at the Edinburgh Fringe last night that i think you’d like, if you ever get the chance. ‘Kerouac and all that Jazz’ a mix of jazz, poetry and theatre with a slideshow going on in the background, unsurprisingly stream of consciousness style. This piece reminded me a bit of it, except the Chinese Puzzle Box is all yours….
    Oh I would have loved that, Juliet. I have often thought the Edinburgh Fringe would be great. It’s just so far away but it is on my list. Maybe I can get a gig, haha, those last two jewellery poems in Bolts Of Silk are fantastic,

  2. No footnotes required… gentle but powerfully seductive, with glimpses of this and that to concrete the closeness within their relationship. Beautiful.

    Oh and the Puzzle Box – how excited I am that I will soon be able to hold that book. When you said 40 bucks I yeeked a little but you ozzys, always exaggerating (hahaha!) and 20 quid sounds so much more by the way. I know I have read every piece within it already but to actually turn the page… I am very excited. Won’t you put a direct link so that others can get one too? Although I rather like coy…
    I am a little shy until someone has received a copy and read it and told me it’s a least passable, Mary. All the pieces have been removed from circulation for at least three months so most people won’t have read them but you have been here all along which makes me very happy,

  3. This is another one of those which can so easily become your signature work. the symbols, the fluidity of the transition between the thought and the event and the person and the observer; delectable!
    Thanks, Sumedh. This was a bit of a flashback and creep forward.

  4. I love the way your words sound like music…

    ‘slowly sinking ship of fools ‘

    My Gingatao shirt shipped today. Pics will be up soon…:) (insert evil laugh here)
    Thanks, my queen. Woohoo, a picture will make my day/week/month. It will be the first ever. (insert huge thankyou here)

  5. what a sexy first sentence. that second to last sentence has so many jewels in it that i find myself getting lost in its beauty.
    Thanks, Lissa! Your writing just gets better and better, those last two are fantastic.

  6. *sigh* love this…very sensual.

    How does one go about getting their hands on a copy of the Puzzle Box?
    Thanks, Tina. There are links to the book at the end of “Unity”. At the moment there is only the expensive limited edition hardcover version available but I am working on the paperback. As soon as I figure out how I’ll put a link in the sidebar.

  7. i love the ones with F. this was yes, sensual. beautiful.
    Thankyou, Mrs Ott,

  8. i love it when you affiliate kisses and nipples and strrawberries. it gives me a tingly run from my toes and up the arch of my back, just tingly
    Uh oh, sorry, Aefiel.

  9. stunning daring and dashingly bewitching but later I heard she told F “getcher clamshells offa the strawberries” and he got mad and said they’re all seedhairy anyway, and she tasted one and he was right they weren’t even ripe yet either
    Haha, Tipota, you rock,

  10. He was guarding a door to nowhere on a slowly sinking ship of fools still fiddling with that strange jazz of his, slowly into a sea of words dissolved, … daring to be real he handed out tickets for free.. yes, i agree w/sumedh
    Hello, thankyou,

  11. Beautiful, love the way you write 🙂 !
    Thankyou, Mental Mist,

  12. a piece, which can only be described in beautiful American colloquial English: “Delightfully keen.”

    oh yah and just as a footnote, i believe it should be praised for its energetic simplicity…

    Peace, Chico. I am alternating between energetic simplicity and saying what I want to say. It is a juggling act.

  13. I’m in complete agreement with Sumedh here Paul. I love this.
    Thanks Simonne, how long til your book comes out? I can’t wait,

  14. Fans self..nope I am way to shy for this kind of sensual work! But oohh la la Paul.
    Ohh lalala, I have read some of your sensual poems, Bekki, sometimes shy is very sexy,

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