three cards only regret

August 9, 2008 at 5:24 pm | Posted in writing | 5 Comments
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On the Tokyo-Brisbane Express. “Thank God the liver remains undamaged,” says Dr Benway as he throws his bloodied chain mail gloves over his shoulder and reaches for his martini. “Through co-option and degeneration of the image, he says,” who, is it sir ian playing WSB again, but if all there is is the buzzing of bees and rain dripping down the window of the limo. Hmm, he looks down again at his hands, slips them into his pocket. There is value in pocketable wealth, jewellery, but these days nothing else is worth much of anything. A limo cruises by the bus stop containing some aging rock star and a bevy of businessmen ghosts busily plotting graphs.

I wish it was raining, he thinks, instead of this endless blue,

A girl is standing bored chewing gum on a corner, he leans forward to whisper Mamu slow down but a ghost appears between them waving a release form for a camera crew. Three Card looks out at the favella passing by. He remembers Saudade. She writes, “it is not so cold as I had imagined it might be,” her fingers turning blue shaking gripping the pen,

He settles back into his leather, the limo ssshhes by, everyone lives he thinks, everyone dies.



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  1. Three card is always in the rain…always a perfect image.

  2. i like this writing style. it really works well. i especially like the last two sentences – great closing.

  3. you said it already and it’s too lovely to muss with, everyone lives and dies- kanenas, it means not a single soul(would do/want/need whatever it is) that is, like saying nobody and everybody with nothing and everything

  4. i love the undertones; the wordplay of sorts. the pockets, the liver, martini thing, the “if all there is” and this” There is value in pocketable wealth, jewellery, but these days nothing else is worth much of anything”
    i love the very cool pictures you always draw. they are always so classy and cinematic.

  5. I love the word saudades in Portuguese.

    A fine assembly of images and movement. The chain-mail gloves being thrown in the backseat grabbed my attention right away.

    You’ve taken us along on the mystery,without holding back. Brave!

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