On Drums.

August 6, 2008 at 7:20 pm | Posted in blogging, links, music | 12 Comments
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There is a singularity, a fundamental truth beyond which even physicists may not pass, rhythm. Everything is a wave, hello, bye bye,
And a musician and a drummer. And this piece of writing features one of all my favourite characters, Caliban. It is the language itself that must be transcended, said somebody in a hat, a yellow beanie actually, scratching his stubble and mumbling, Cocoyea is a great drummer.



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  1. Hear hear!! Off to see the link…
    Hello, hurry back, haha,

  2. I will be checking that link in due course of time (the non-existence of which is putting me in a tight spot currently), but even such small sentences of introduction worded by you adeptly communicate a profoundness within a labyrinth of truth…magnificent! these days the moment I try to put thoughts into words, though, I unlike you am hit by a sense of ineptness in exploiting their limitations to paint the images which float through my head…

  3. caliban in a cave… hmm. hi
    hmmm, hello,

  4. I read the post on Caliban. Do you think Caliban is an archetype for modern men?
    I think “The Tempest” is one of the great works of art in human history. The whole thing forms a mutlidimensional picture of humans in the world. It isn’t difficult to feel like Caliban for a man in a modern city. In a way it is how we are portrayed, dull and brutish and not in control of ourselves or our destinies. In a way it is how we feel, constantly restrained, as though in straightjacket, expressing certain fundamental aspects of masculinity has become seen as animalistic rather than naturally human, and so on,

  5. that was a wonderful post – thanks for the link! 🙂

  6. She’s a great drummer indeed – a wonderful drummer with words. Christine, that is a very powerful statement you made, even if it was just a question, and a very thought provoking one. After some thought to it, though, at least I wouldn’t hurry to make a generalization as such…but given the way most societies are currently disposed, I would probably agree on the word ‘epitome’.
    Ah well, but these are just words, mere meaningless pointers alluding to a direction…
    Hello, Sumedh. Generalizations are always dangerous, of course. But without them it is difficult to say anything about humans except, “This is me”,

  7. Thank you Paul! I was wondering why I was suddenly so popular. I’m really pleased that you’re enjoying the album 🙂
    I really liked that piece of yours and I do have a soft spot for Caliban. I got a mail today that the CD has been shipped. Coool, I will let you know as soon as I’ve heard it. Independent music, independent film, independent publishing, this is the way forward.

  8. what if one has no rhythme? Can one espouse duality and forgo wave dynamics for that of the particle?
    Granted a good groove can create a condensate on the dance floor

    perhaps post-modern man
    No rhythme? You’ld be dead and motionless, Ozy. If you are lacking in rhythm you should get Cocoyea’s band’s album, that will liven you up.

  9. Society has a tendency to put us all in straight jackets, we each have assigned roles the others want us to perform. In recent years, though, men have taken a beating. My sons are in public schools in the US, and have had to restrain themselves physically and verbally, as most teachers are female, and impatient with the ways of boys.

    At the same time, where I live, men don’t want to become school teachers because the status and the pay are low. Another dimension to the role of gender.

    I’m blathering. I can see your point, and it does cause pain, for those who feel compelled to conform to a watered down version of manhood, as well as for those who want to see men prosper.
    Ah well, we will survive. Thanks for coming back, Christine.

  10. If we could only transcend language then we would be free to simply ride the wave. To meditate and listen to the rhythm rather than pretend that we are the one who create the rhythm (it just took me much too long to figure out how to correctly spell rhythm). Nice post.
    Absolutely. We find a point of agreement, a delicate line to do with having the right way to spell,

  11. hello bye-bye hello bye-bye hello bye-bye

    You are right… there is rhythm 😉

  12. thank you for the stream of conversation between you and christine. it is wonderful to share these pieces of thought, questions to the answer?

    “archetype for modern men”
    “animalistic rather than naturally human”
    we have so much to define still, and redefine in our presence. but change is underway. some go this way, some go that. its nice to know there are others going my way. : )
    cocoyea is incredible.

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