the keith jarrett riff,

August 1, 2008 at 6:58 pm | Posted in genre isn't dead yet but it should be, music | 10 Comments
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hey, you gotta have a hand jive
bootsy said if we’re going again,
count those silly bubbles,
pop pop pop
deep below some ancient carp is
singing some wild and thrubbing song
and sunonhead is drifting off,
he hopes his work is surely done

hey, Squires he says jangling the keys,
home time frog jumps in beer oclock,
ding ding, Shanghai, we’re here
wake up, says F, slamming his glass down on the piano, jesus man the parties just begun, i tell you you play great but I ain’t hiring you, goddamn junkie dead and done,

he turns from the obvious mirror in which his reflection can’t be seen,
i remember the days, sir ian, in wonderful suits of grey,
pluperfect in green felt hat,
some whiskery comedian,
some less outrageous Monk,


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  1. Not the old Friday night talking to yourself in the comment box trick, heh, exu, don’t forget to tell them about the last great haiku by Matsume Basho,
    written in the 17th Century, old pond, frogs jumps in, kerplunk, sorry,

  2. I knew I’d heard the definition somewhere but admit I had to google it – from the grammar of tv and film: ‘Simultaneous time. Events in different places can be presented as occurring at the same moment, by parallel editing or cross-cutting, by multiple images or split-screen. The conventional clue to indicate that events or shots are taking place at the same time is that there is no progression of shots: shots are either inserted into the main action or alternated with each other until the strands are somehow united.’

    How clever are you to have actually achieved that in words – oh and what words they are snipping and clicking, this, that and the other…I love this Friday night swirl.
    Thankyou, Mary P.,

  3. ‘deep below some ancient carp ‘

    Reminds me of a tattoo…:)
    Oh, that is a fabulous idea. Shall I add another tag? Thankyou, your majesty,

  4. haha, the green felt hat. love it. oh and as the Queen of the Universe pointed out, “deep below some ancient carp” …your usual genius at work.
    Mrs Ott, that is an outrageous compliment, thankyou,

  5. kerplunk, that sounds like my heart
    I think I just heard it,

  6. just beautiful inside out
    thankyou, Tipota,

  7. now this is where interpretative subjectivity hits a new high; wonderful usage of words to open a box of limitless possibilities, even with the simple yet strong imagery here…I have to agree with Mary, however…
    Thanks, Sumedh, you are an absolute gentleman and it has been a real honour sharing this journey with you. May it continue til the end of time, my friend,

  8. “He is waiting patiently to feel that he has earned the respect of his peers so that he can stop trying so hard, the genre settles around his shoulders and it requires a mightier shrug as he gets older and the concretions of age, scars, barnacles. The fact is he no longer wishes to be reborn, to be better, he only desires the freedom to be what he is.”

    Just to remind you. Perfect prose.
    Thanks, Randall. Only 73 comments to go on that one and then woohoo, you know what happens.

  9. A trip down your memory lane? i’m envious it sounds marvellous 🙂 … i don’t like jazz though 😦

  10. Thelonious would be proud to be mentioned in so outrageous a piece. Dig it.

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