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July 29, 2008 at 6:44 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 19 Comments
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one pope’s in as one pops out
each moment eternal
once again confabulates.
star light is real, boy, he said
it left before you were here
and after you are gone
it continues
one pope’s in
and one pops out,
some they sing
and some just shout,


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  1. wonderful. brilliant. great symbolic depth and hidden truths served in a pleasingly aesthetic platter of words. i’ll have mine without the wine pops! 🙂
    Thanks, Sumedh,

  2. ‘one popes in as one pops out’ – Oh Paul, I don’t get it 😦 Help?!

    Wait… I’ll read it a few more times and come back…
    thankyou Simonne, ((you))
    ‘pope’ as in top religeous guy and also symbolic penis goes in one human comes out, one popes in as one pops out (as in being born), a burst of starlight passes through and keeps going even after the human/bubble/star pops out (as in dying), the animating spirit continues, each moment eternal, and like in my piece structuralism above all you can do is sing or scream the breeze past through you, some they sing and some they shout. But the poem I hope is a lot prettier like a glimmer in the corner of the eye, oh and as the light passes through the human animating the poor critter, it confabulates, which is a word I might have made up to mean confuses with its brilliance or fabulousness, i have been confabulated by your beauty, confused word echoing confuseded thoughtprismshatteringlightdiamond which is life, there I have explained away all the magic and I am sure it won’t work now, oh and exu you need to hit the tag for an explanation but he is very very tricky even his name contains a kiss,
    or alternatively the pirate and his son are on the deck looking up at the stars and he is saying the light left the stars before you were born and is now hitting you in the eye, it’s real, amazing, and even then it keeps going a long time, you are a tiny short lived thing, a mere bubble,

  3. procreation is indeed our path to the immortal
    perhaps in the nonliteral sense,

  4. Your explanation and Simmone’s question just adds to the poem you know… Maybe it is a quirk of mine but I like that I now have angles to look at in it AND that I’m not standing alone looking and wondering. I see your point, I really do… and I hope that I shine brighter than that star whilst I am here… and go out with a bang (carry on carry on). I need to read this ten times more and some.
    Oh thankyou Mary P. I was in a quandry deep whether to leave my explanation there. I will accept your judgement as the last word so I don’t have to think about it again. You shine brighter than any star,

  5. Oh, so beautiful, and reminds me I need a new tattoo…:)
    Thankyou, you must post photos, hello,

  6. so maybe then, the stars are all pops and popes, lights chasing one another through eternity? and maybe even catching a few, eh?
    maybe, thanks, Sarah,

  7. Beautiful…my son & I stargaze almost every night…I’ll have to show him this poem.
    Cool, let me know what he thinks. I would love to write poetry for children. It is such a noble thing to do but even more difficult than for adults I think.

  8. so gentle beautiful, it recalls the scene of people looking up, waiting solemnly at vatican square for the puffs of B&W smoke signals to convey the status of the selection of the new pope to follow John Paul II-that always stood out for me as amazing, (and then the next pope’s name is Benedict, too. and the gaiety and elation when the smoke puff was white a million people staring at a hopper atop a tile roof) has always fascinated me even tho i’m not catholic i love starlight, space, things that pop and the popes. dearly
    Thanks, Tipota, that is a lovely comment.

  9. i’m surprised i understood it almost, before having seen your explanation to simonne. it reminds me vaguely of christmas, my most treasured season in life. startlingly beautiful, paul, do you like christmas too?
    Cool, thankyou. I am not a big fan of Christmas, not being a Christian, but the holiday is fun,

  10. The popes made me think of the shape of their hats (whatever they are called – can’t think of it it now), what with the stars and the tattoos. I read it with the teardrop tattoo one, and enjoyed the combination. But I loved this just on its own most of all.
    Thankyou, Z.

  11. “star light is real, boy, he said”

    But so so tardy 😉
    “winks from the universe”, that is lovely, especially in this comment comet,

  12. i’m kind of into stars and things and their purpose so this was cool. i think i like the pirate idea, especially as you explained to Simmone. i definetly appreciate the rhythm; the dance/structure
    Thankyou, Mrs Ott. Your wedding ring jewellery poem is beautiful.

  13. i’m not a christian either. guess it’s the spirituality instead of religion? if i could embrace words i would yours. sometimes your writing throw me off balance, sometimes they annoy me, and sometimes they make me feel something new and amazing
    Cool, sorry about the ocassionally annoying bit though,

  14. brilliantly written!!!
    Thankyou, psychobillygirl. You rock big time,

  15. Great Kanji Tattoo Designs
    And More

    This looks like a fairly decent tattoo site. They didn’t ask first but there’s no ads on the site.

  16. ..and some, they have little to talk about?
    perhaps, hello,

  17. never a moment too soon does one become blessed to catch a glimpse…ya know dylan sang a song cannot help but to consider… something abt too busy dying…but thaz sorta sad too… it has been a nice visit..

  18. OHHHH! Wow. Thank you so much for the explanation Paul… and now it’s so obvious and so beautiful to me, so thank you. I don’t think your explanation took anything from it at all, but I’ll try and work things out on my own from now on…! 😉

  19. this one is great fun–missed it times round, glad i ran into it this time!

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