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July 25, 2008 at 7:08 pm | Posted in poetry, prosepoemthingy, writing | 13 Comments
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to him, Terry, mate, you are supposed to be creating a fucking revolution not whispering in the halls of academia. Fuck’s sake, man, get a grip, haha, said F. placing his frothy glass immaculately on the centre of your belly where despite the many tides and storms stays immaculately upright, though tilting, it’s good to be home,

Haha, I am back, my love, I have a gift, he says, leaning down and kissing your nipple like tasting a strawberry, a new tattoo, it’s a crouching tigger hidden dragon tattoo, schimply schplendiferous looking down at you,


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  1. Too many revolutions get lost in the beer froth.
    They do, that’s true, too many revolutions can cause dizziness, hello,

  2. ahhh the tao of tigger… sproing.
    what fun!
    balancing the glass while bouncing may be a bit of a challenge, but hell, what’s life without a few obstacles to overcome?
    ~muuwahhhh – just because~
    sproing, woohoo,

  3. oooh, I should shave my boobies if he’s going to be kissing them…
    oh, you didn’t mena me?
    Definitely not. That is a result of me experimenting, sorry. I mean with ‘you’ instead of ‘she’, sorry,

  4. oo sizzly 🙂 … and yet not… nicely done!!
    Why thank you,

  5. frothy – what a wonderful word that is. I love the subtle change when he switches to speaking to her from him… and I love the gentle descriptions of her body which convey his gentleness, not completely overpowered by lust, for her. Our imagination fills in the rest of their night maybe? Or will you tell us…?
    Discretion is a gentleman’s only defence, haha,

  6. oooh Paul… that podcast reading is divinely heavenly wonderful. reeling more from it than the bouncing…
    it is, i am so glad it’s not me,

  7. Something about this is violent but at the same time weirdly delicious. Either I’m just too disturbed or the strawberry is getting to me 😉
    haha, or both, hello,

  8. The reading, like the words were perfect – maybe more than that.
    thankyou for the words bit. and I agree that the reading is perfect, hello again,

  9. mmm, night sky prayer has to be, hands down, one of my favorite Squires pieces.

    and as for this one, i enjoyed the timing; the swift entrance, the mellow descriptive middle and the bouncy tigger-like end.

    also, it is a first for me to think of nipples as strawberries. delightful. maybe thats why people are so into the whip cream thing.
    Thankyou, it’s one of my favourites too and the reading turned out to be a very cool collaboration. I am trying hard not to think about that now,

  10. mm… yummy. the strawberry thing? it turns me on. you are turning people on with your writing! it’s distraction. good distraction 😛
    good distraction, yayaya,

  11. pure essence and funny too, love it

  12. night sky prayer was a perfect gift.
    thankyou, Sarah,

  13. Good point, as always. Although, the halls of academia have never before tasted the fruits of Troy. The seed may seem lost in the cracks of a vast Wall, yet those who see, see not seeds, but vines, vines that trouble the Wall.

    The revolution has started – slowly but surely the glass will tip: whilst it empties, I’ll convince them it’s full.

    Respect to the Master Tao: the maker of immortals.
    Terry! What a joy to hear from you. Where have you been? What are you doing? Yes the revolution has begun. Rage on, my old friend, rage on,

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