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July 16, 2008 at 6:58 pm | Posted in writing | 11 Comments
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When in certain company, Ms Helpburn, says the old priest peering over his teacup at the soft pink landscape disappearing under white lace, it is important to maintain a certain manner of speech.
Of course, she replied reclining on the divan in an extravagant gesture. I was thinking for the Arts and Crafts Fair this year, Vicar, perhaps some new entertainments. Have you heard of three card monte?
No, dear, sounds awfully decadent and Italian, is it a new waltz?
Have you seen a Tarot, priest? she says, sitting upright suddenly.
Now dear, he says putting his teacup on the table and standing, i’ve warned you about that tongue of yours,



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  1. Aha! A sudden pop of entrapped air – absolutely brilliant piece. Perfect imagery and depth in the scene – a ball of objectivity of rolled up subjectivities…
    Cool, thanks Sumedh. And thanks for the statue in the garden too, that is fantastic,

  2. What priest worth his salt hasn’t heard of three card monte? I happen to know that the three card monte concession at every monastery is the most coveted of callings… they spend hours every evening after Vespers testing their skills in kismet before retiring for the daily Tarot reading. Cheeky nymph, ain’t she?
    Bob, how’s it going? Thanks for reading and commenting, she is a cheeky witch,

  3. this post made me giggle. is that normal?
    You’re back, yayaya. You asking the wrong person about what’s normal, haha. But making you giggle makes me happy.

  4. words like a fellini sun-soaked wrap
    Wow, thankyou, Tipota.

  5. Kenneth Williams and Joan Sims, I fancy… tiffin indeed. Lovely cheeky smile here and a golden phrase in ‘the soft pink landscape disappearing under white lace’. Ooh-er missus.
    Hahaha, I was thinking more along the lines of Vincent Price and Elizabeth Taylor in their primes, but there you go. Hello, Mary P,

  6. haha i’m sure 😛

  7. I didn’t get it … So many seem to have effortlessly … That is a lowering thought :(( … I won’t ask you to explain, though, so be easy 🙂
    Ahh, no, around here saying that gets you huge hugs hahahaha, it is my reward for boggling you like (you) boggle me,

  8. o9oh this is very clever paulS. i like this very much. this could be screenplayed.
    Thankyou, Mrs Ott. That would be cool. How’s the fishing going?

  9. Paul –

    Captivating! But, who fancies who? There’s a story here…

    It reminds me of the romance novels I have read and cherished. So, Paul, who’s your favorite romance author ? 😉

    Melana xx
    the irreverent writer of something other than…
    Thankyou. My favourite romance author, hmm, I think maybe Shakespeare,

  10. life is so wonderful with a old priest, sipping tea, in a pink sunset under lace curtains… so eloquently spoken.. knew she was for real when she “..reclining on the divan in an extravagant gesture…” i can imagine something outta zorba the greek… the french woman he use to go see.. now she was fabulous and so unruly… but so in love..
    that is a cool comment, thankyou,

  11. […] he says, I was just looking at your garden, so gentle and pretty in the afternoon rain, Ms Helpburn. Do you have a […]

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