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July 8, 2008 at 5:40 pm | Posted in antihaiku, prosepoemthingy, writing | 20 Comments
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a slow horse out of a dead town, Jim. Sun’s always setting somewhere, he says to me, in passing. I am sitting chewing, yep, somewhere you just know there’s a starving mongrel licking itself, old copies of illustrated poetry chapbooks by hiptalking New Yorkers discussing metaphysics through pop culture drift by like spinifex in a spirax notebook while mulitcoloured creatures twitter in their wings waiting their turn, some English manor house with a governess in sleeves and cap then wicked spirit from down the mountain comes, fuck Hemingway says Sir Ian give me Prospero or De Sade sipping his third martini under a parasol, Mamu, tell someone to bring the car, The Pink Cadillac, I feel like riding on the freeway,



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  1. I chuckled when I got to “Fuck Hemingway…”

    I havent read his stuff…but I did rather enjoy DeSade’s stuff…..

    I like your stuff…you know that, it’s like capturing tiny pictures of life.

  2. Damn, I have to surf more net than lice on a cafeteria cook to catch up with my ol’ buddy Paul, how the hell are you ol’ buddy? lol Whats all this about fucking Hemmingway? A man sticks a gun in his own mouth is pretty fucked already my friend. I have read The Sun Also Rises, A Farewell To Arms and a few others…The Old Man And The Sea….Papa was a good ol drunk who wrote great stuff. My POV.
    Oh I agree entirely Fabian. Fantastic writer, but Sir Ian prefers more arabesques than straight shooting. Your videos are fantastic, everytime I see one coming up I think cooool,

  3. Also, I like the writings of Guy De Maupassant,
    his stories Boule De Suif and The Horla.

  4. You familiar? The Necklace?
    No I haven’t read it. I have such a long reading list and I am so lazy. What’s going over at your place?

  5. Maupassant was a short story writer, died of consumption or tuberculosis, T.B., whatever they call it these days.

  6. OOooops, my mistake, he died from syphilis in 1893.
    Hah, that sounds more like his mistake than yours,

  7. Heh Fabian. That is a great Walden walk through the woods poem, beautifully made. That is a master in full control of his craft, all the senses observing at once like the narrator becomes of the forest, the poet as woodsman, brilliant,

  8. ‘tell someone to bring the car, The Pink Cadillac, I feel like riding on the freeway,’

    This sounds like the beginning of a very good night…
    Woohoo, wanna come? There’s always room for one more,

  9. can we ride around with the top down? i promise no twittering… well, not much. a few giggles here and there. I’ll even feed you little bits of virtue and vice while you drive. ~wicked grin~
    Woohoo, we can ride however you want, virtue and vice at the same time,

  10. just love this!
    why thankyou,

  11. Discussing metaphysics is the same as trying to describe the dusty tumbleweed rolling by.
    And I fucked Hemmginway, and it was good.
    (((((((((enigma))))))), hellllooooo,

  12. Spinifax in spirax notebook? I have one of those. I also discuss metaphysics through pop culture. How did you know?
    I like your new name, Gloria, and I love your ‘The Joke’ and all your shorts shorts, woohoo, short shorts, gold lycra, jump in, let’s roll,

  13. Seamless cinematic snapshots moulding together – crikey – so many, that are so expertly put side by side… dear Mamu, safe hands they are, quite rightfully steering it home. Fab.
    Crikey, safe hands, bringing us home again, cool. Hello, Mary P.,

  14. love this wonderful crashing story… thrz so much going on and it all fits together as a fellini movie… don’t know what it is, the dead horse town, chewin [nasty stuff] thank goodness texas is far away…maybe hemingway just couldn’t stands it no moe.. you know those kinda days…now those people who babble in the name of art..with their cohorts in the corners… sounds like studio 54 in the 70s… warhol what happened!!!… i’d rather have a shot of whiskey w/hemingway… come with me to the sea, the sea of love… that’s another good travelin song.. thanks for the shout on pink cadillac aretha luvs us all..
    what a rocking comment, aretha luvs us all indeed, i’m ridin’ on the freeway, i have been singing it in my head ever since I read “Pink Cadillac”, weaving bits of song into the poem is one of my favourite things and you did it so well in that one, of love in my…

  15. I wish I was smarter. Sigh.
    Simonne, if you were any smarter you’ld be Professor Julius Sumner Miller, why is it so?

  16. Oh yeah, definitely the pink cadillac. Are you a Donlevy fan?
    I haven’t read any Donlevy. I am always behind in my reading, I haven’t got past 1975 yet. I’m a you fan though, if that helps?

  17. HA HA!! You’re too funny. I guess I’m not well versed in the classics is my problem here. (I’m a WC fan too though, and I’m sure that counts for a lot.)

  18. LOL you 2 – oh stop it. I only bring up Donlevy because he has the wild, twittering tilting always on the edge thing going on – like professor paul here. 🙂

  19. this was like fast-forwarding a cassette and hitting play intermittingly to get to the part in the story you want to share with some person in the room. i loved the dance of imagery. i like the beginning the very best.
    Cool, thanks Mrs Ott. You’re last piece is sensationally beautiful.

  20. ahhh yeasss this is one of the reasons i came down out of the mountains…had to ride over and see what kind of trouble you were getting into while i was gone
    helllooooooooo, you would not believe the party you missed, oh well, you probably had a real one, haha, have you looked in the orchid room yet?

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