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You gotta give ’em what they want, said F., banging the glass down on the piano but by now I saw it coming so long ago that I held the right hand together, have to be chops, I’m afraid, said Bootsy looking somewhat pale.

He whispers Caliban’s whiskers in my ear and I know straight away what to play, just look around at the weary room, an eerie rattle, what you guys need is a bit of flat out bum shuffle, the deck lurched, you see, son he said, one arm around me staring out to stern at the flat horizon,


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  1. When two peoples can use one word and know what it means is great.
    hello, i agree most wholeheartedly,

  2. I wish I’d read these from the beginning, I keep missing chunks – but maybe that doesn’t matter because it’s still a great read (Squire) 😉
    Simonne, you must be getting excited about Varuna, how long to go? You know I am going to be annoying you to keep us up to date even though you will only 8 seconds a day to yourself,

  3. I like these phrases:

    ‘just look around at the weary room, an eerie rattle’

    Really evocative short piece.
    Hello, thankyou,

  4. beautiful imagery:

    ‘He whispers Caliban’s whiskers in my ear…’
    Thankyou, my queen, bowing over his green felt hat,

  5. ha ha, that’s a good one lol
    why thankyou fine praise from one as gifted as yourself,

  6. chops eh? tati-tati… but a bum shuffle sounds perfect. This is racey, a forward to…? You big tease. 😉

  7. Yes, so this is a continuing saga – I thought it might be. Are we on a boat?
    le bateau ivre to get all absynthe about it, haha, how are things over your way,

  8. Play it again, Bootsy…

    and pass the Bourbon….we’re in for a hell of a ride…
    Woohoo, we can take the Pink Cadillac I got parked in the garage on the right. Check it out Amber, you’ll love it. Lets ride,

  9. Hmm. Did I get this right? A piano on a boat? And banging that glass down once again on the piano? This time, I really want to know: which part of the piano? The top or the keys? Makes a huge difference in sound. And if the keys, the high ones or the low?
    Oh definitely on the top, on the keys would make an awful racket and I wouldn’t be able to hold the right hand together,

  10. dont know what i enjoy more the stories or the comments… it’s kinda like late at night….turn on the tv for lack of sleep… there right in the middle of something and soon absorbed… and so glad ya came… anything to do with a piano i’ll listen… flat out bum shuffle… hmm.. the mind lingers over that tune.. the deck lurched…bringin everything n2 focus…
    I am enjoying the comments a lot, especially yours, mind swirls,

  11. Your interest in Varuna makes me feel so good Paul, thank you. I opted to go in November to give me time to finish the first draft. It’s a big call, but I think I can do approx another 30,000 words between now and then! Will keep you updated on my progress!
    30,000 words! Well if you start with the A’s, you got aardvark, arabesque of course, antidiluvian, haha, you will make it easy,

  12. You mean, this place? http://www.lebateauivre.net/

    According to their webpage they are in Berkley, Ca.
    I thought you were an Aussie. Mystery man, you. Quite.
    Cool, that looks like a nice place. But I meant the poem by Rimbaud, oh no there goes all the mystery, whoops,

  13. So helpful my darling… 🙂

  14. I think I like the place in Berkley better, maybe because I’m hungry…

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