Crash, Rattle and Roll.

July 6, 2008 at 5:32 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 13 Comments
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Crash looked down at the little marble, kinda tiny he thought, but we might be able to trade. Rattle was lining it up with his usual avaricousness, blue and green, he thought, cool. And Roll let go of a slow sigh, it sure is beautiful, thought Roll, but I doubt it will ever be mine.

The ocean is licking my toes hoho’s the hearty pirate looking up at the stars. Now if I follow Roll til we run into Rattle and Crash somewhere there a map might be stashed in a cranny or nook and by hook or by crook,

Sometimes the tide turns of itself and the stars rotate in the sky, crash rattle and roll, some thunderstorm and bam there’s you and i,


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  1. A theme I often marvel at is the way you take different characters and they meld to one and the same, perhaps, but who knows, and who needs to know, but it is for you – the reader – to decide. The sound and rhythm in this is so playful and happy… but with a true conviction, purposefully light. Your work is incomparable, truly.
    Thankyou, your comments are incomparable too,

  2. more pirates please! I believe it was Oscar Wilde who said “one can never have enough pirates” and “if one is tired of pirates, one is tired of life”

    haha great piece as usual, naive, and evocative of the very colour of childhood. somehow I imagine that the “you and I” in the last line are the same protagonists when they are older, looking back on what came before? so its like the waves and storms are the waves of time…

    Was it Wilde? They could be, Peter, but you know me, most of the time I don’t who’s who,

  3. I love this:

    ‘Sometimes the tide turns of itself and the stars rotate in the sky’

    UGH. I was missing the beach but this makes me REALLY miss it…
    Oh no sorry, my Queen,

  4. like an idiot it took me awhile to figure out the Zeus tag … then bam .. there’s Earth in S1, there’s “us” in S2 looking up and wondering the same stuff … you really made me smile with this … because i have conversations with the sky, well, ok, i interrogate .. about the who’s really who and where … above/below is not definable, not any more, everything changes .. above/below .. and t/here we all are …

    wonderful creational …
    Thankyou, your comments always boggle me in a most pleasant way, you are amazing,

  5. i really like the feel of this. it reads like an interesting adventure story. i love the names too and the way they seem to tell a little about the characters. i hope you write more about them.

  6. Can i be Trip, and my marble look like the planet Venus? Just wondering.
    What a beautiful idea that is, Venus, Lakota, thankyou,

  7. Your writing is just as intriguing and mystical as the tide turning and the stars rotating in the sky.

    Love it. I want more.

  8. Love this one Paul…a word menagerie
    Tina, you are wonderful,

  9. i wonder, is this boys playing marble or gods, ruling the universe. perhaps a bit of both?


    ps: because of your request, i left something for you at my blog. hope you enjoy it.
    Oh thankyou, your present was fantastic, it made my day,

  10. ….and a big marble hits you in the eye. Or maybe in the “I”?
    Loved the rhymes in this dude.
    Cool, thanks Paul. How’s the import business going? Haha. Your blog is great, I am following along,

  11. eh. i was reaching. sorry about that Paul-sweetie. my brain done melted.
    Huh? Even melted it works better than mine,

  12. stashed in a cranny or nook by hook or by crook sounds great and funny after all the crash rattle and roll.

  13. … dang.. shake, rattle n roll… another one of those ol’ early songs… these characters are simply enchanting… something like a crazy bend on lewis’ looking glass… no queens but lotsa hoho pirates lingerin at the tide mezmerized by the stars… got nothin on blackbeard…

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