Some day,

July 5, 2008 at 6:43 pm | Posted in writing | 11 Comments

That would make a nice title for a song but it’s probably already done,
Some long lingering goodbye, better just to get it done.
And then some operatunity arises
something leads the eye
and with a smoothing gesture adjusts her skirt
and smiles, more food? mr squires? and strikes a pose,
sorry dear, the shop is closed.
It really isn’t all that odd
since you called it sweeney todd.
I have a brew just upstairs
will warm your belly if you care,
Indifference is no solution, he thinks, slinking into the shadows, if one has an obsession at least one has that. There was a movement in the street, some man dressed as fool and we are East of Prague again where for thousands of years some streetfilth is elected king and rules through whispered threats and dumbarsed jokes for a day. There was a thought some time ago that revolution is just an arms deal gone wrong. Or the other way round, he thinks, stubbing out his cigarette.
Everything has its uses, often it is just a matter of waiting til it drifts by, unnoticed by others. He opens the magazine. Ahh, yes says the small man in the corner tucking in his pants as he hustles past the snoozing doorman, but we already know that.
Somewhere an old man is locking a door behind him as he exits into the raining night. The old crone chuckles, just coffee then? she says, I could tell you a story to pass the time?


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  1. ooh i want to hear the story.
    woohoo, me too,

  2. I love this:

    ‘revolution is just an arms deal gone wrong’

    Perhaps there are two sides of that because going wrong would be the perception of the looser?
    Or vice versa, your right,

  3. wow
    wow to you too, your new peice is fantastical Tipota. I have added a library to my little room here and you will be in it soon, for sure,

  4. you have a gift mr. pauls. it is put on pedestal here. i love the image you’ve brought me in such a subtle way; i was so focused on the story that i have no idea how where in it, you were adding details of the scene. this is captivating.
    Thankyou, Mrs Ott, you rock Alaska,

  5. A mix of style, sense and perspective which is fluid in a most sparkling fashion. You are teasing though, Mr Squires, with these vignettes that leave us with anticipation. ‘operatunity’ has been duly noted, haha, with a subtle nod of admiration.
    I am teasing and I don’t where I am going, I admit so I think I will just follow everybody else, dada diddle diddle dum dum da da, would you like to dance?

  6. write that story down, our book is blank save for your name and mine
    hello, if you are hungry, tiny one, i have added a table full of food in the sidebar, haha, you must rest and relax and eat well after your tremendous sea voyage,

  7. I read this 3 times…. Your mind works in mysterious ways, or else you have put it down exactly as you thought it, which is very cool and surreal!
    Thankyou that is a lovely compliment, Mental Mist,

  8. Paul, is this a poem within a story, or a story within a poem? Either way it makes great thoughts come and sit with me a while. What on earth would I do without your words to visit now and again?
    Hello again, I will say one thing, you rock too,

  9. give me your hand paul. give me your hand and let it take us away on a journey, somewhere new and untainted, someplace
    somewhere new, i will go for a walk and ponder, everywhere is new with new eyes and it is a wide world full of splendours,

  10. this is like watching film noir? dunno if i got the genre right, i’m not much into labels, but there is something so specifically elusive … elusively specific .. about this … maybe it’s zen?? lol .. you know, everything in one moment and it’s all the raining night? gorgeous image there … fertility/water flowing and the illusionary doors/locks … and a wisewoman too … this is the story … ?

    loved this btw *grin
    Haha, “this is the story” cool bananas, Shell is a wonderful name, too.

  11. dang, yr the king of last lines…
    Thankyou, now if I could just get the rest of them to work too, hoho,

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