after carnivale,

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Dazzling enchantments mask wigs and pomade, the big band is playing Bobbie Dylan standards again. A man in a trenchcoat, badge out, laid back orders a shanghai with a twist. From upstairs drifts
the scent of silk perfume in Lucrece arabesques.
Heh, he says flipping the badge back into his pocket almost smiling through his scars, seen an old man
in a grey fedora round about?

and all you remember is the scent of her hair a moment before the door was opened

Downstairs in the lobby the doorman is snoozing to some moonlight midnight train song but the band is still playing, he thinks and turned,

For a moment she was not dancing but the sound suspended in the air, unfaltering, as she looks beyond his shoulder at the wigs, the dazzling enchantments and she moves

Downstairs the band is playing and below the balcony the quick laughter has become rushed and whispered and moments before the door opens you remember the scent of her hair and how effortless it seamed,


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  1. beauty poignant and ennui in soft shoes

  2. take me away with your imageries, far far away

  3. Po! You are like a delicious book that I cant leave from my hands and wish/try not to finish reading it. Paradox, huh?

  4. Returning to the style I know so well, wisps and dreams rolled together to create cartwheels, which may or maynot make actual sense immediately but the journey is too enjoyable to care. More, more, more…

  5. love it. i agree wholeheartedly with aefiel. & i love the second stanza & how it comes back in the ending lingering in my senses long after i’ve looked away from the poem.

  6. i love the repetition. this piece really builds. i kept stopping to reread, making sure not to miss a single bit of the story. i love this “dazzling enchantments”

  7. “how effortless it seamed” 😀 Loved that!!

  8. I could just melt into the beautiful music you make with words

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