The moon was never so hairy,

June 23, 2008 at 4:54 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 31 Comments
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Over the flat concrete hypocrisy
and empty mediocrity
landlubbers label sanity,
I choose glorious madness
just as nature does
with dandelion and platypi
oyster and hibiscus,
crazed experimentations
and other fantastical mutations,
dancing naked under a hairy moon
so full she barely rises
singing a salty sailors tune
with improvised reprises.


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  1. I like this

    “singing a salty sailors tune,
    with improvised reprises”

  2. The sounds in this are a performance poets dream.

    How refreshing to read a poem about the moon which is so filled with interaction, dancing, rather than the usual mournful love or wistful dreams.

    This morning, the moon was up late in the morning sky, the clouds were sneaking in front of it while the sun tried to claim the day for itself. Maybe all of nature is in a playful mood today, eh?

  3. lovely; I choose glorious madness too. I can relate to this image deeply.

    Have been absent over the blogging scene for a few days; don’t seem to have an inspiration to continue. But Germany wasn’t boring. The first goal was fabulous!
    But yes, even if it was, I still support it as always. The entertaining Dutch are out…haha!

  4. you write good for fun (reminds me of “…playing real good for free…”). I’m not getting out much these days. It’s good to get back for a visit. Sometimes I feel gloriously mad. Other times just really crazy. Peace, Paul. Rick

  5. I love the sound perfect of this poem, just enough rhyming to bind it, but not so much it gets predictable. The sibilance and rhyming at the end. The images of joyful madness. Though it is more refined, it made me think to Lewis Carroll’s the Walrus and The Carpenter and Edward Lear’s The Owl and The Pussycat. Call me…mad.

  6. loss for words. bravo.

  7. love the rhythm and flow. very cool.

  8. I like your writing style..something mysterious about it!

    “I choose glorious madness
    just as nature does”

    Ah yes…. count me among those that choose glorious madness! In the company of nature is a good thing in my book!

  9. “so full she barely rises”

    this one is very fun and we join you naked mad dancing dandelions

  10. brilliant! thank you for the smiles … when i next converse with my tree, pole dancing to the stars at midnight, this poem will be part of it …

  11. ‘I choose glorious madness’

    you are giving away my secrets here…but first I howl, then I dance

  12. lovely,and strange as always, thanks for the comment on my deleted post BTW.

  13. Oh, I love your sense of play – it’s palpable.

  14. Oh – and John Lee Hooker too??? I like this place!

  15. mooning you back… hehheehhee. ermmm…

  16. I read this with the timing of watching Alice in Wonderland…..the Walrus and The Carpenter of course.

    It’s timing Paul…and you’ve got it.
    Glorious madness abounds….

  17. Moon is truly fabulous to watch in the midnight and I know that this post is the result of that particular view indeed! Dancing, Never-say die approach is what Moon stands for! Be Happy!!!

  18. This narrator feels no ambivalence about art versus conventionality. The poem makes me feel brave and brash.

  19. sorta how i would imagine king david dancing after coming back from battle praising the lord… removing his clothes in the spiritually freedom of the moonlight..

  20. Thanks everybody. I wish I had time to answer every comment individually but you are all amazing and inspiring and wonderful, thankyou,

  21. your kindness inspired me to write again, also I am so amazed at your stuff and that you got my stuff and left messages, i’d given up, gone to south america, now i am back again
    Wow, that is fantastic news. I remember your writing well, it was very powerful and original. I held onto the link for a while but then gave up cos you were gone so long. Now I can’t find you again. Can you leave a link if you come back? You were a helicopter pilot? And the blog was something trees? I can’t quite remember. Thanks for the kind words.

  22. spaces between trees
    thanks so much XOX

    not really a helicopter pilot lol, an artist
    ahh, there you are. I hold all comments with links, that’s why it disappeared. An artist indeed, your new piece is spectacularly good.

  23. spacesbetweentrees
    That’s right, I will go get the link again now, hello again,

  24. Oh yeah, madness is magical!!

    “dandelion and platypi” ROTFL … are you sure its not platypuses??
    Haha, now techincally speaking it’s just platypus for the plural they who decide have decided but that is so boring, haha, you are wonderful,

  25. hahahah – this was not unlike my new years eve

  26. Oh my, I absolutely love this — the imagery, the rhythm, the magic and mystery.

  27. I wish you a fantastically mutated hairy mooned platypi 2010…with oyters on the half mad shell of course. 🙂

  28. This is fantastic, thanks for reposting. I love the image of the moon ‘so full she barely rises’. It clouded over last night so I missed my late night New Years Eve walk on an empty beach with the full-moon for company. But Tessa and I did some howling just for fun, earlier in the night.

  29. i can totally relate.

    thank you for this

  30. this is so fantastic!!! platypus are freakin’ awesome, almost as inane as humans but never so disgusting…LOL
    this poem is just such a perfect homage to nature, the passage of the moon and the lunacy she awakens. ROAR!!!! EMBRACE THE MADNESS…

  31. O yeah loved the debasement of sanity…its so overrated amirite? LOL

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