It is all seems so strange,

June 21, 2008 at 7:53 pm | Posted in blogging, links, music, poetry, writing | 9 Comments
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Here is a truely beautiful and mystically effective poem by Tina Trivett which has stayed in my mind like a haunting all week,
June Evening

and here is a related song which could be the other side,

Have a wonderful daynight thingy,



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  1. Nice Blog!

  2. Bobby D sounds like a sitar. lol This was cool. “Talkin’ ’bout my generation” Dylan is a wonderful poet, his voice sounds like shit unfortunately. lol But you learn to love the raspy off key bastard because he is so freaking talented. When Jimi Hendrix did All Along the Watchtower, I thought, great…now Dylan will be everybody’s go to guy for lyrics. And he won that Pulitzer this year…LONG OVERDUE!!! You are so right about sexy Joni. I love her. And Melanie Safka is none too shabby neither. Check out her video, Look What They Done to my Song on my site. I wish we could hang out, I just grilled some steaks and I’m drinking Yueng Ling lager beer as cold as ice. Its ninety degrees here, I got a watermelon chilling. It’s always good to hear from you dear friend, may all the blessings you dream be yours. F.

  3. I got a groovey idea. Do you have an IM? I’ll start turning mine on and you can IM me. lol I have Yahoo IM. Send me an e-mail at Your pal, F.

  4. I like Bob’s voice in that song, he actually sings it for a change. Hi F.G., I don’t do the instant messenger thing at all, I just can’t type fast enough hahahaha. Those steaks sound good though especially with beer. The weather here is chilly but stunningly beautiful and blue. We must get together soon, I have bought lottery tickets, so who knows, the world moves in mysterious ways. I am off to check out Melanie Safka. Woohoo, Rage on, Fabian,

  5. Just beautiful. You need to ckeck out Back to the Island as well. It is a rare track, sorry no video, just a lovely sunset picture of the ocean but the whining nasal voice of Leon Russell is perfect for the song, complete with jungle noises and crashing surf sounds. Its one of a kind really, like yours truly. lol And I value the strangest things. I have a great wooden bowl of solid teak that is the size of a small table made from one piece of wood. There went the rain forest. But I am saving my piece of it. I keep it rubbed with rose or lemon oil. Crap!Its hailing here… mothball size hail is falling in the thunderstorm! WHOPEE! I hope it doesn’t break a window!

  6. Yes that is a beautiful poem and a beautiful song. A perfect weekend comfort from both.

  7. Thank you Paul…I’m honored you included my poem with this wonderful song. Gotta love Bob…

  8. I read Tina’s poem last week, and loved it. An intimate moment, spreading out into space.

    This Dylan song/poem is plaintive. The lyrics are lamenting, that’s okay. But I don’t like the refrain, or at least the way they sang it. The tune was too dramatic for the words. I’m just sayin’….

  9. dylan there is no other… it is the peace of the known as in tina’s beautiful poem and the mystery of the unknown that brings you to bed at night… with whom is what really matters don’t you think.. in that stretch of time we are all strangers to each other…

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