More Bizarre Experiments.

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in nonlinear time…

Thanks, Sumedh, for the flower image.


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  1. You’re most welcome; bizarre indeed; though (or was it intentional?), there are portions which could not be aurally understood by me.

  2. Fascinating..bizarre or not…

  3. it’s all in the title… my eyes were distracted by the distraction of sound…

  4. I was hungry to hear the words and as such it captivated my attention… but I was hungry to hear the words. You are a trail blazer with these things. I think that is maybe why you are so intriguing to read each day.

  5. Ooooh! I liked this piece…It Sounded alot like a radical Didgeridoo Voice Experiment to me Paul…Nice story-line…

  6. “Radical didgeridoo experiment”, very cool, thankyou. I want to quote this comment from Terry at Message In A Matrix here to explain perhaps why the words a little difficult to make out,
    “Linearity is also bonded to the individual, that one is one, when in essence we are the genetic repository of many. As a species, time is infinite and eternally recurring (thanks Fred) with each moment being a universe, packed with occurrences and phenomena that cannot be grasped by the illusion of self. Without the capacity to grasp the totality, we must project our false sense of self onto the objective reality that stares us in the face, always slipping beyond our grasp. Hence, the subject wraps itself around the object, ultimately re-presented by our linguistic structures, themselves only a shadow of cognition. So, by re-presenting and defining the object according to our subjective values, we are anchoring that concept to a false reality, allocating space, quantifying ‘time’ and imbuing whatever significance we desire, all of which are relative and fallible phenomena.

    Does THIS word exist here with me as I write it, or with you as you read it? Am I there – here – with you now, inside your head? Are we one, immortal?

    What time is it now?”
    Perfect, thanks Terry, revolution? why not?

  7. Ah yes, I guessed similarly. That is a very eloquently worded comment, coming very close to my own view on the matter, just slightly one dimension reversed in an infinitely dimensioned plane.

    Everything that exists, does indeed exist in this eternal moment of time-notime; this eternal moment of now. An illusory reality to experience objectivity through subjectivity which is in turn experienced through multitudes of momentary infinities, all coagulated into coerced energy that invigorates a reality which only our thoughts can change. A smoothness between Egyptian pyramids to mobile phones with a constant invasion of poverty and hunger. And I see synchronicity too, as I’m just being updated on email that you wrote me a comment. Woah;


  8. Somehow I like the feel of the above comment which I wrote; I might steal it to post on my own blog, if you don’t mind.

    But to add to it, what I meant more than what I said was that everything exists Now, and time is merely an imaginary mental construct that we have created in order to be able to differentiate between the different actions in which we partake or which we experience; an imaginary quantity which is not moving in itself at all, but simply helps our twisted minds to understand and separate those things that do seem to be “moving” or happening apart. And since our thoughts, words and actions are calling forth our experiences, time simply appears to be moving because we have gotten used to the “speed” at which things happen; faith can indeed move mountains.

    So yes, I whole heartedly agree. Can I steal my own comments? I will assume an answer, unless otherwise stated in due time; 😉

  9. No, you can’t steal your own comments because you can’t steal what’s already yours. You can use them wherever you want though which is to say as far as I am concerned you can do everything and anything you want, including changing your name, again, rage on Sumedh, you make me laugh,

  10. Though spamming your comments area is not my intention, it seems I’m heading somewhere near that orientation momentarily. Got distracted and reminded of a dijeridoo; went to a trip recently from the college to the mountains, with fellow literature students; here’s a video – one of our profs was trying to play the dijeridoo! 🙂

  11. that is the kind of stuff that happens when literary insanity takes refuge within delusional minds from the mists atop the mountains; the dogs always run away 😦

  12. bizarre’s good & a nice change of pace.

  13. That’s a brave attempt at didgeridoo playing. Here is someone who actually who has spent a lifetime mastering the art,

    and another amazing example of a different approach by a master of the instrument,

  14. Am I weird if bizarre seems normal to me?

    I’m probaly weird anyway…

  15. Connecting with one’s breath via a Didgeridoo seems to be quite the feat (did you see the way that man’s abdominals contracted and listen to the way he has to inspire to send wind through that thing!). Thanks for the video of the Didgeridoo playing man. Funny enough, I heard a Canadian man play a homemade Didg as I was walking down the street one day — it was made of PVC pipe and looked about as industrial as anything — but the sound was just as primal and connecting as the sound emanating from a wooden one. Darn. I just realised that I have at least three (strange) Didgeridoo stories…

  16. It is an incredible thing. The effect is not the same listening to a recording. If you are in the same space as one of these traditional masters the music slowly but inevitably takes over your entire being. It is such a fundamental thing. As you say comes deep out of their abdomen, if you think about chi and Easterntype philosophies, well lets just say that it is an extraordinary experience as the vibration from the instrument and the musician starts to vibrate inside your own spirit.

  17. Cool, interesting, fun to listen to, to watch. I didn’t read the theory in the comments below. I liked the experience of listening and looking. Reminds me of Nam Jun Paik, a “this is it” kind of art.

  18. underwater asleep awake dreamworld water world i like where this takes me some place new i haven’t been before only dreamt of when i was awake and asleep

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