I was a bastard to live with in my twenties.

June 16, 2008 at 7:40 pm | Posted in writing | 11 Comments
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Please call the Trading Post if you don’t want them to keep advertising the piano for sale. (Also, where’s the rent money?)

Thanks. Please return my red nail polish before morning so I can go to work. (Also, have you seen my snorkel anywhere?) Better to fail gloriously than to succeed in mediocrity.


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  1. red nail polish..there is a story there.

  2. Wow, synchronicity, I was just then writing a comment for you at exactly the same time you were here, cool, I was just saying I was liking your poetry more and more and then I came here and you were here, amazing, I love synchroncity.

  3. oh GingaPaul, i think you would look loverly in red. This is a brilliant piece of flash.
    i’ll do your toes if you’ll do mine. i’ll even paint little flowers on each nail…
    It’s a deal, Lakota. I want a different flower on each one and I shall paint tiny poems on each of yours,

  4. Yes, I bet you were… 😉
    Yes, but I’m all better now, Simonne, haha, honestly,

  5. oh, brilliant. One thing your writing can never achieve is mediocrity; and even if it achieves it by some negating stretch of the imagination, the very meaning of mediocrity might be swapped by that of gloriousness. watch out, I might open up a wordpress blog soon, but it wouldn’t be featuring my “writings” as in literary artwork (or attempts at the same). It might be a more “mediocre” form of blogging, where a heterogeneous mixture of one’s viewpoints might be publicized hidden amongst my wannabe photographs 🙂
    You will never be mediocre, even if you try real hard, Sumedh. Your flower photographs are absolute works of art, a spiritual narrative,

  6. Some thing never change, eh? Did you sell the piano? I’ve thought about selling my piano many times but it is a part of me… just can’t do it.
    Yes, that one I sold, Ms P. That was about ten pianos ago. I have changed, I promise, I only paint my toenails on Fridays now.

  7. So here I am, Sumedh and all, new avatar and all, still alive and all;
    Cool bananas, I have changed links and feeds and so forth. Let the new adventure begin, Sumedh, my friend, companion, poet, photographer extraordinaire. Rage on,

  8. yess i want to hear more about the red nail polish too.
    Well, it’s a little complicated, Lissa, you see I was working in this, ahh well, maybe another time, by the way, you are still the best writer in the known bloggosphere,

  9. I can never go to work without my red nail polish either. It’s also good for painting rust spots on the car. A gender-neutral item.
    Ahh yes, Gloria, exactly, that is what I was using it for, definitely, honestly, the car, yep,

  10. where in AUS did you live in your 20s? what part now? like how close to the wino part?
    A long from the wino part, I’m afraid, which is down south in cooler climes. I have lived in and around Brisbane, in Queensland, (kind of three quarters up the eastern coast) subtropically perfect, most of my life. No wine, plenty beer.

  11. ah the oz… possible explains the need for red polish on fridays… this sounds like a funny little diary note… something made you think of it and had to write it down… terrific

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