life is a wonderful thing,

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oh well,


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  1. ?
    I thought it told a little story, Lakota. The screwed up pieces of paper, as in aragag I can’t think of anything new to say and I’m never gonna be able to say it as well these guys and I’m never gonna be able to play the piano like Tom Waits, oh well,

  2. Clean up your desk, mate…

    …love Tom Waits

  3. *gasp* you own a keyboard! i do too. common interests are good stuff when it comes to brain work for a book 😀

  4. That it is, sweet looking keyboard

  5. Is there enough space for your mind over there? 🙂 Take care of it, must be tired being poured onto this table god-knows-how-many times-a-day…Joyful though!

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  7. I, for one, think drunken keyboarding sounds delightful.

  8. but what exactly has the piano been drinking? that is the question

    here the wind is blowing, foggy, moon waxing, glowing, night jasmine singing, it’s summer here

    gotta love the sumo wrestlers

    put neechee away for awhile, drink in the moon, maybe listen to the iggy pop/fatboy slim “he’s frank” over at my blog to perk you up

    ps i revisited coffee and cigs when it showed up on your blog–gotta love jim jarmusch, ahhh dead man that he may be (not)

  9. i know what the piano has been drinkin’ Ol Grand Dad (same as me) cuz I ain’t no creampuff casper milktoast. Thanks for posting this. It lightened my mood a little.

  10. My desk has two coffee cups, an empty bottle of water, broken pens, three notepads and a miniature cuddly of Animal from the Muppets. It is Tracey Emin in it’s honesty and fascinating insight… but I suggest some chocolate in there, or some ice cream, haha… will you play, Piano Man?
    Tracey Emin?, never mind. I am figuring out how to plug the keyboard into the computer as we speak, but it will take a couple fo weeks or so to get it all figured out, so many wires and buttons,

  11. nodding – got the story GingaPaul darling darling… wondering why you iz bluuuuueeee.
    makes me feel blue too.
    Not blue, everything is fine, just emptyheaded, no words, but i am figuring out how to plug the keyboard into the computer and also splashcasting, like making little movies to go in the blog and i want to get an animation program so i can make cartoons and your party was a blast, woohoo, don’t be blue, i’m fine, just mute,

  12. that’s a great looking artist desk.

  13. Life indeed is a wonderfully wonderful thing!

  14. i couldn’t tell what the bottle of booze was…old grand dad eh

    glad the iggy pop/fatboy “he’s frank” perked you up like a well brewed cuppa

    of course the more thematic fatboy slim song would be “it’s a wonderful life”…maybe i’ll post it, plus the one with david byrne, do a fatboy slim shout out for the new cd out on tuesday…

    i’m still on the iced port kick but was going througha cupboard and found a stash of reallllly nice scotch!

  15. Ahh, mutual confusion. That is my Ballantines, Ol Grand Dad drinking Paul is not me, he is a fellow ratbag revolutionary,

  16. ah ha

    he doesn’t look much like you now does he evil twin that he may be

    so what is the piano drinking?

    (btw, we just watched this crazy 1991 new wave big hair dvd with tom waits last night called queen’s logic…)

  17. light reading to clear the webs… dang, charles bukowski hiding out… he’s always a good read to relax the relaxed… have you picked up any of his books lately… especially if you like to sip an excellent whiskey… now the song, i had forgotten… i was singing that song last week… that person who drinks is gone slumbering with a soft snore… tears all dried up smiling again.. can’t help but to recall the piano on fire… i think it was his comment my tie is on fire… did he sing that… no logic here… a most enjoyable post…

  18. Is this Paul Squire’s work space? Haha! Awesome!

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