night sky prayer

June 12, 2008 at 7:06 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 29 Comments
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What joy there is in speaking into silence
in the absence of echoes where words
race away unremembered into the night sky,
a tumultuous cascade like long dark curls
from which stars sparkle like eyes
and sentences unfurl,
turn back twist then trail bare traces
of lips whispering arcane phrases
verbless round the subtle curves of space,
disappear into a soft fold in time
becoming yours, my love, these words
not mine,

(This piece has been podcast, by someone else, here)


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  1. Oh my god Paul, I love this so much. It took me straight to how I felt the first time I ever fell deeply in love. I used to sit on the rickety back stair of my rented old cottage and chant to the stars about my exploding heart. Then when he’d come to me he would become the stars and the the moon and the universe and sometimes I wondered if I’d created him from my nightly incantations.
    Thanks for taking me back there.

  2. “verbless round the subtle curves of space”
    ahhhh, now that is just lovely and evokes imagery in my head full of passion and beauty.
    I love the intimacy of these recent pieces Paul and they are so rich that reading them over and over keeps yeilding something new.

  3. This is super cool, i like it a lot. 🙂

  4. i don’t understand. it’s stuck somewhere in between the neurons and the processor of information. give me more, tell me something simple, something you.

  5. Thoughts race away unremembered too.

    Nice write. 🙂

  6. Delicious words, exquisite sentiment. It reads beautifully in a tongue tangling way, which shows the care and gentleness with which he is considering his thoughts. You manage to throw images with each line, keeping the flow and swirling the reader around till the close. Lovely, lovely stuff.

  7. wonderful rhythmical, riddle of whispered words of love. it’s complicated, beautiful, and not easy to understand on first read but it adds to the way it would be if you listened in on lovers talking to each other.

  8. GingaPaul – this is your reminder about the blog party! Drinks are being served…

  9. the power of words and their subtle caress.. yes, please.. hallmark can’t touch it…

  10. This is lovely!

  11. hey got the comment on the URL thingy..thanks

  12. beautiful;

  13. Evocative this was,

    I liked this one.


  14. beautiful

  15. lovely almost a sonnet…wondering why not bring the last 2 words up for the end rhyme??? so am wondering about your choice here and what it means…hmm not mine…hmmn…hmmn…i will wait to see what the sage reveals…because i keep deleting my words
    ha, I used to tag some poems, ‘almost a sonnet.’ This one has a structure, two parts, each five and half lines, each part with a slightly different pattern of rhyme.

  16. you know i’ve spent a bit of time here of late, but i rarely comment because nothing i say could do your words justice…i’m just stuck!

  17. ha ha yes i saw that yes

    you should check out laynie browne’s book “Daily Sonnets” i would tell you the publisher but it’s hiding must be shy or maybe doing some yoga or taking a shower or reading a book to the kids

  18. awe, i fixed it pauls. im still such a novice blogger. now anyone can comment w/ links, thankyou. and to focus on the art, this poem is a dear. i am all there in the imagery: my lover and i tucked in the sheets; bended arms propping our heads up; facing each other…and the way conversation makes sound in those moments is really very comforting.

  19. Paul, I love this..the words twist and turn and repeat in a pattern hard to capture..they run about so making pretty pictures on the walls of my mind..dern them. (smile)

  20. Thanks for visiting & commenting on my site. I’ve just started reading your blog and wow! I am head over heals for this piece, it’s quite a beautiful offering.

  21. I am envious of the muse behind this piece of yours. Love moves in lovely ways, and this is perfect. You captured it with grace.

  22. This piece has been podcast (read by someone else) here.

  23. absolutely beautiful

  24. Wow – this is superb – I’ll have to pin this one up as well, so I can read it over and again. Night sky, space, time – certainly have a great power over humans – as it should be – we need to be put in our place.

  25. Undulations. That was the word I forgot first time around. Beautiful undulations. You are a master of sound and movement.

  26. I’ve been away for a while and it’s so nice to come back and read your stuff. You make me really excited about writing.

  27. This is so beautiful

  28. i just read this out loud to my wife. i bet yr words have inspired more than one bout of personal private luverliness. does that make you the cocteau twins of poetrix? thanks for the repost.

  29. […] In the absence of memory, of stability in time the coarse mechanics of grammar collapse into a scrapyard of conjunctions and gears, verbs asking where Machiavelli went with his velvet inducements to intent. There sunonhead dreams of Venetian palace intrigues to be conducted like impossible waltzes. […]

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