good morning,

June 9, 2008 at 8:19 pm | Posted in writing | 21 Comments
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… grateful not only for your attention but also for your wicked wicked witchy ways which I love and just wanna grab hold of you right now and swing you off your feet and back into that soft, warm bed you just came from and fall into you, fall into you and disappear, to demonstrate one more time in one perfect moment that magic, art and religeon are all manifestations of the one thing, combined in one perfect existence, yours.
And then I would serve you tea and strawberries and dress you in a purple gown.


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  1. mmmm… now that’s what i would call a wonderful wonderful wakeup call.
    this one gave me goosebumps to match my goosedown pillows. 😛

  2. Now that gave me goosebumps!
    You silver tongued devil you!

  3. Well, really, yours and yours and yours and yours and yours. But in a moment of passion I can see how… Love: wicked wicked witchy ways which an the flow of the words like swinging the reader of his/her feet. (As in metrical feet?)

  4. mmm. i want red tea and freshly picked berries from the farm out back. take that basket darling, i used to take that with me strawberry picking as a kid. be back soon, i will be waiting in bed!

  5. wicked wicked poem. love that line by the way. very romantic. 🙂

  6. can hear the voice here so clear, the rhythm is rich

  7. I like. What woman wouldn’t. Lots of passion, mixed with a healthy dose of poetics and philosophy.

  8. Are you sure you’re not referring to me? I mean, I’m witchy, wild and I look wickedly devastating in purple.


  9. Ooo, delicious. Do it! Swing her back down and fall into her, you know she wants you to… 😉

  10. I will take the purple gown..


  11. the rolling ‘and’s give away his excitement and adoration of her, with then the subtle change, a slow deliberate apparent seriousness as he speaks of how important she is. Gosh, I hope she appreciates it, haha.

  12. My goodness, what a gorgeous rain of commentcompliments. I must write more love poems. Thankyou all,

  13. Soft & tender….perfect.

  14. I love the mad passionate rush of that.

  15. I guess some desert frogs have so sweet & strong voice that even one inside a cocoon can hear their desert-dawn-songs…

  16. I guess some desert frogs have so sweet & strong voice that even one inside a cocoon can hear their dawn-feast-songs…

  17. Beautiful!! She’s a lucky lady :)!

  18. This is very good, very “wicked” :)! the intimacy here is good


  19. Thankyou, Ngetha. Is this you?
    If so, you have some beautiful, heartfelt and sincere poems as well. Thankyou for your wonderful comments.

  20. Yes that is me, cant quite figure out how to comment and still have a link back to my site….oh well…I’ll figure it out soon.

    Thanks for the comments, i just started the other day. Its good to see people like them too. And this blog is now in my blogroll and its amazing what you do here 🙂 keep it up

  21. ..i can’t help it… gotta ask… she’s real right… it must be the moon that made me ask…

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