quantum problematicals

June 3, 2008 at 6:22 pm | Posted in antihaiku, poetry, writing | 17 Comments
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It rained! And I have
this problem of frogs
throwing voices
he cranes his neck and
intently raises one long
fingered foot


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  1. Excellent, I love the voice in this one,

  2. Well this was an unexpected but pleasant surprise- this new theme- a sudden change of normalcy is always invigorating. But not as invigorating as your words are, no matter kept on which themed platter, decorated by themselves and not fonts…

    And the artwork on top too is very cool, very intriguing…

  3. Thanks, Crafty Green Poet and Sumedh, thankyou. I have been wanting to change it for a while but only today it suddenly came together in my head, the thought. The art work is an old file I made months ago, just a snippet of it from a piece called “Riverwalk”. How’s the Scrabulous is it my go?

  4. The new theme feels like flowing into a dreamland over newly washed & violet perfumed bed sheets…

    Regarding your QP, less is more Po! The less you blow words out the more you push the meaning forward.

    Regarding your IQ, I am just curious to know the score:)

  5. sooo Paul, what happens if i catch the froggie and kiss him?
    warts or prince?

  6. love this new theme. it’s so bright and playful. great poem.

  7. This is lovely, clear and fresh.
    And it is bucketing down here, also.

  8. The long fingered foot reminds me of tree frogs. I love the little buds on the ends of their feet, kind of like alien digits. If you were a frog, which kind would you be? I read once that frogs can live up to thirty years. Doesn’t that say something? A tender poem.

  9. Oo, love the new theme. And this piece is great… I wish I had a long fingered foot… 😉

  10. *grin*…loved this one. Love the new page too….looks smashing. 🙂

  11. yes, it is your go! 🙂 But seriously, that is stunning – every time I look at that header, new interpretations come up. Brilliant, I didn’t know this side to your art! So you scanned this, or what?

  12. That’s a very big exclamation mark you have there in the poem! Yes, the rain made the frogs happy, made the poem happy and delicate. Lovely new layout btw… very refreshing.

  13. i have a picture in my head. i suppose that was the idea. good job!

  14. Thanks everyone. There’s a lot of questions there. Firstly, I took some liberties with the poem. I saw him again this morning and he is a crested cattle egret not a crane but I claim poetic licence haha. “The less you blow words out the more you push the meaning forward” excellent advice from the secretly wise. I’m not sure what QP is, but my IQ varies, all the way up to fifty on a good day. If you are the crane, Lakota, the froggie is neither prince nor warts, but yummy. If I was a frog I would be a desert frog, I think, hibernates in dry gullies for decades and only comes out for a couple of weeks when it rains to reproduce and eat. And the header, I made it using Realdraw Pro, a free trial version which has expired. It’s a great painting tool. There, now I am off to work… have a fantabulous day, everybody, thanks again,

  15. Ahh, and I figured out this template doesnt show tags, so I have fixed the structure (linebreaks) a little. Now it is a bit clearer, I think.

  16. I like the new template.

    I like frog posts!


  17. QP: Quantum Problematicals

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