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right on time he gently places his martini on the piano and snapping his cuffs flashes his watch need and power are in inverse proportion, a gangster story “when in doubt go back to first principles” said (Tony businessman nuggety Irishman resterantuhr whose surname is the origin of the letter) F., (this is true before i even got the computer he was the one who used to say shut up squires get a computer and write it all down.) Here on the other side with me, ferrymanpaid, he says tapping the screen his cigarette immaculate into some imaginary ashtray, with whom and so forth been tied to many a mast said, that in the extreme unlikelyhood that you a drunken Irishman and 10 years older should outlive me, I hereby forthwith and suchlike appoint you the executor of my estate which consists of lots of well hidden debts and the contents of this here briefcaserecorder thingy he says jangling his chains, i never delete anything, have fun, do you remember the ending of that fillum starring Al Pacino, well take a real deep breath i tell you at the wake, you gotta love an irishman, he said, young Jimmy Joyce in Dubliners, heh! Beckett, Sammy, you still here…


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  1. …shut up squires get a computer and write it all down… like that (and the rest) very much. Want to read the whole story. Are you stringing these together somewhere?

  2. i love the playfulness with the words, especially briefcaserecorder thingy. i want to read the whole thing too. is this a series on your blog or something else you’re working on?

  3. Like ripping out a page from a book each day…we only get bits..

  4. Well, thanks for the question. The blog actually organises the work into a nonlinear three dimensional text for me by using the tags, categories and search doohickeys. This is how I wrote the previous mss, “The Puzzle Box”, mentioned in ‘Alternative View’. Blogging is kinda silly, using the free tools provided by WordPress to take the drudgery and loneliness out of being a writer, priceless. (added Scarface clip to vodpod for clarification of the esoteric reference, ‘take a real deep breath’)

  5. “Here on the other side with me, ferrymanpaid, he says tapping the screen his cigarette immaculate into some imaginary ashtray”
    is he dead or a figment or both?
    well the piece is like his will and the tapping the screen is the separation between you and me but do I have to decide yet? hmm, no pouncing, heh?

  6. mmm… sorry – i pounce at will!
    yayayaya, tumble tumble, heh where did you go, you must be back at your place,

  7. fillum… a Limerick lilt there, my favourite.

    The Irish throw a kicking wake – no different to weddings my grandfather said, but the presents aren’t so good. 😉
    Haha, I like the word ‘wake’, it has complimentary meanings, ‘a wake’, ‘awake’. How was the festival?

  8. […] revolution not whispering in the halls of academia. Fuck’s sake, man, get a grip, haha, said F. placing his frothy glass immaculately on the centre of your belly where despite tide and storm […]

  9. Peter! Hellooooooooooooooooooo???????????

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