simple fairy tale samba

May 7, 2008 at 7:54 pm | Posted in poetry, prosepoemthingy, writing | 15 Comments
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(subtitle (outrageous, who subtitles anything these days):

    Hunger Ocassionally Makes Fools Of Us All, Tigger

It is as if the world contains a soft buzz and then the sudden and spontaneous joy of you unfolding grander than a grand piano, an entire orchestra playing the sweetest chord the flute purring the perfect line of melody over your hips and through the scent of your hair and in that single curve every ideal of beauty embodied) a still warm and alive creature whitch responds to touch in the tiniest detaillliteral electricity beneath your glowing skin and hairs rise and come alive and tickle and twitches his whiskers, hmm something alive this way comes through the dark jungle skipping red and joyous in her youth and unexpended energy, i shall become no more than a helpless old crone in a single bed and i will only bear my fangs after it has become impossible for her to resist and she offers me her throat,


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  1. I suppose she will offer it. After you take on her throat, then what?

  2. Ah, the question is begged… to bite or to–

  3. bravissimo…love the flow of this… Nosferatu would be proud…

  4. ~smiles and smiles and smiles~

  5. Sensual and so vivid….love it.

  6. Yea, I feel that way when I see her picture too

  7. i loved this fairy tale. if i were to pick a favorite line, i would just put the whole prosepoemthingy in quotes. great job.

  8. wow, i love that opening line. It moved me the same way as the image from another of your writings about everything being made of soil. It’s great to be hooked in like this. That first image runs through the whole piece. I imagine a woman unfolding herself in a samba dance – very sensuous. Anything Barazilian.

  9. I meant to say that the first image moved me to the same extent, not in the same way at all.

  10. Wow! Feels like being sprayed by icy water right after a hot shower! Or maybe the other way around:)
    cool, that is a nice comment, very perceptive lupedeloopwise, hello,

  11. […] a nod to gingatao, who sometimes ends his poems in mid sentence, a poetic device I […]

  12. How did I miss commenting on this one? Very saucy.

  13. Woohoo, saucy hmmm, maybe a lemony vinagrette, yummy. haha lupedoloop i really should put a link to Mrs Erin O’Malley’s poem. Hi Peter and the Hare, is that your furry tail I see bouncing into the distance?

  14. those fairy tale blues again, dark, dark dark. Yes, it does have an oddly sensual quality. gingatao, you ARE saucy! 😀

    And I picked up on your game too. I acctually found it twice but had to go away. “Confusion” is my theme of the moment, in my life, in general. Therefore, you will perhaps see me appearing and disappearing, though you are something of a bedrock within this chaos, the minstrel who plays his piano in the simultaniously pretty and bleak corner, as baroque as it is simple.


    You might be discovering “Australia” soon, thats all I will say.

    Thanks Peter, ‘discovering “Australia”‘ hmmm,

  15. Sometimes,

    every now and again I almost covet you. If I were a king, I’d make you my bard, and have your words to sing to me, any time I wanted.
    Only almost, hmm, I shall have to try harder, if you were Queen the world would be a far far better place,

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