Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(a big one)

May 6, 2008 at 7:12 pm | Posted in music, poetry, writing | 15 Comments
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opens the lid, takes a deep breath, in the spirit of Randallian hangin’ honesty, and a tip of the hat to the mighty F.G. Franklin, listening to Albert King very loud thru the headphones,
woooooo, hahaha, i dare you
underneath that powder and paint,
pretty woman, what’s the matter with you,
i already apologised, twice i think,
(Three Card, slicks his hand into his pocket,
Mamu flinches almost into a grin,
i keep my eyes on the piano, i am telling you,
i am remembering the first time i actually saw Art
Tatum play,

by the way, you can find me Monday Nights, at the Orchid Room,
and Saturday afternoon,



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  1. Ah, the blues come round when the pretty women smile and its a Long Way From Tupelo to Fabian’s Site, me and Paul are hanging out over there, so plug into that video when you visit and leave us a comment too. That preety woman may be the same one, she gets around, up and down, she’s even in the porno pages stashed along the roadside.

  2. the piano will tell no lies

  3. Jiving…..

  4. cool, remind me to breath next time, or maybe not,

  5. Eh, breathing leads to cancer
    if no women were present would man still be wrong?
    I hope never to find out, Oz,

  6. oh Boys…….without women you would be lost, and without men what would we swoon over?
    i am lost without you, but you are still here, yayaya

  7. ah, where would we be without painted women?

  8. fantabulous. i love the humor in your pieces.

  9. the vid was terrific… i’d forgotten how much i liked that song.

  10. Three Card, didn’t we share a bong in Uddar Pradesh sometime after St. Swithens Day, the night after all the tattooists went on strike?

  11. I remember it well, Bob, well actually I don’t remember it all but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, and if the tattooists were on strike well then there would be nothing at all to remind me,

  12. I need to know who Three Card and Mamu are.
    Great music. I felt drawn into a world I’ve only glimpsed from the sidelines.

  13. Oh, I forgot to say that I figured out the password all by myself. It took me about five tries. I’m proud of myself!

  14. Okay, I made a mistake. I thought this was the password protected poem. 😛

  15. Bugger,

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