The True Legend of Gianfranco Zola (humility)

April 11, 2008 at 7:23 pm | Posted in football, music, writing | 7 Comments
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the movement in that name, Zola,
remembered forever in his adopted home,
when he left they lined the streets
and cheered his name in thanks
all the way to the airport and he remained
the perfect Italian gentleman, mannered,
gracious and calm, both a loyal servant
and a leader, a prince among men,
and all the while a smiling five feet
five and light on his feet,
movement contained even
his name, i give you,
Gianfranco Zola,

“It made me better as a player and as a man.” Gianfranco Zola.


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  1. bye bye,

  2. lovely poem, great footballer, wouldn’t it be great if he saw this………but you knows what I think of Stamford Bridge.

  3. good piece paul-never got into this sport but appreciate the passion here.

  4. I chose long ago not to be human
    I remained though inexorably so
    Finally achieving my goal some years ago
    I noticed
    From outside
    The beauty of the species
    And was filled with remorse

    (my plan to eliminate the human species from existence continues as, unfortunately, these things take so much planning and time and red tape that, once begun, it really is a shame to stop it.)

  5. OMG I watched it… does that mean I’m you now?

  6. Well, that is the beautiful thing, Oz, if someone goes slowly from the top to the bottom, it is a little movie of something that has real meaning to me, something I don’t want to forget again, re football as expanding metaphor, the ball is round, Zola had light on his feet, and so forth, and Frank with a motivation about why I am here in the bloggosphere, rage on,

  7. yes, well I know first hand that dealing with someone with a great technical ability can help me too 🙂

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