somebodyelse’s fault,

April 9, 2008 at 7:31 pm | Posted in music, poetry, prosepoemthingy, writing | 9 Comments
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beautiful big fat Hammond organ with rotating speakers driven by literal electric motors not some adolescent electronic warble, the bass drum you know is actually kicked in,
even Mamu on bass would flirt with a halfsmile as his huge hands conjure that thrum
somewhere between the resonance of the drum and the mad right hand doodlings
of some manicstrange and loopy cat, is that Monk’s mad hat and shuffle?
Ray Manzarek, perhaps, and when the still sea conspires in armour,

yayayaya, Monk does his dance in this clip, (when the still sea…is a quote from a Doors thingy)
now, where is she,



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  1. I have no witty scintelating comments, i am brain dead from bussiness dealings. but I will say, the writing is superb, superb, but my brain is too slow for anything else.
    glad you worked the job out….that email subcription blog thing, bives me a hint.haha

  2. and I cant spell, but you all know that by now,part of my whimsical charm, no doubt.
    Well, enough about me…what do you think of me?

  3. totally wonderful music, making me wiggle, and I love the words too, very you.

  4. monk–unreal–and the poemprose…paulsquires and the way baby!

  5. ahhhhh… letting the music own you – becoming the music. Fabo clip. I woke up grouchy, now i’m not so much. you danced me into a brighter place. ~smooches~

  6. damn, I haven’t listened to the monk in a while, thanks paul

  7. coo,l monk fans, monk was architecture where oscar peterson was a story teller,

  8. Lesley speakers … Hammonds were always best through Lesleys

    and thanks for the link, reciprocated.
    Did I find you via Sejavka?

  9. Possible maybe but I don’t know who Sejavka is. It was a while ago, connecticons blur. Lesleys, I shall make a note, thankyou.

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