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that European Carp is a terrible pest, he thinks, it survives you see, on anything, and gradually more delicate and carefully balanced creatures go hungry in its wake. The platypus is a secretive fellow, odd, mad even, to have chosen such sitespecific evolution. Carping is a kind of unpleasant talk, all consonants and facts, he says, dissappearing under the mangrove roots chasing yabbies, where is sir ian mackellan quoting lear when you need him, thwack, this is not pygmalion, say it again, some school flashes past in torrid pursuit of its tale, what use words now the storm is here, all these creatures come alive in eddies and undercurrents, yummy, where is she, he thinks nosing up stream, some collision of cultures to be expected, i expect, haha, in the end, some exposition of a fine tracery of capillaries contracting electrically conspiring to assist in the smooth passage of some entreaty, a document unfurled claiming some untrammelled right, but as a platypus, well that’s innocent enough surely, he thinks overlooking the sudden disappearance of all and sundry and the whisper in the water of carp so engaged is he in nuzzling his way through nook and cranny, a sudden silence, poised, and then released as she flicks away smiling upstream, ahaha there she is,

(thanks to alanalove for this very rare footage of platypuses (oh alright platypis) in the wild,
And I am pretty sure that is the great Australian band The Cat Empire, do yourself a favour and buy the album and go see them live cos they are brilliant. rage on, i say,


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  1. methinks you are referring to some of your commenters, or that was my first thought…all the souls that swim and ebb and flow around your blog, glad you did this early, i have a stalker rep to live up to.
    i love the cat Empire.And saw them live, somewhere…

  2. a lovely, swirling, whirling post…….and that film is very sweet, and I think platypusses or however you spell it are wonderful, shame I never saw one when I was there.

  3. Oh no, Enigma I wasn’t referring to anyone. I should point out maybe that European Carp are an introduced pest in Australian waterways and the platypus habitats are under threat but no, for once I wasn’t talking about us, just a story,
    Thanks Jo, platypus are really hard to see in the wild, that was one of the reasons I really appreciated this footage.

  4. “thwack, this is not pygmalion”
    Platy may not be the universal ideal of beauty but beauty is in the eye of.
    Love the tie in. Though to be fair, why do we think the platypus looks odd? It’s only because we compare it to other creatures we saw first and believe what we’ve been told: “yeah, she’s an odd one” ~wink~

  5. I really never meta platypus I didn’t like–

    good piece and good clip!

  6. ginga, i know carp are pests…i meant it in a more beautiful way… made me think of lakota actually
    “, yummy, where is she, he thinks nosing up stream, some collision of cultures to be expected,”

  7. Ah, so the carp is analagous to humanity, sans monuments to the species it has pushed out.

  8. ~blinking~
    I’m a carp?


  9. Dude… if those are your swing-thoughts, no wonder you’ve never broken 100! Still, the manic creativity should serve you well as you search for your ball. Rage on, indeed… loved the freewrite flow and energy.

  10. LP in the best sense dear .

  11. The platypus is a gorgeous creature. Loved the video…and the write.

  12. Cool, I must be more clear in my nonmetaphor in future, but I’m glad you all had such fun. Pieces will get shorter now time is fleeting, first day at the new job, woohoo,

  13. i take it that we totally fucked up the interpretations? ~grin~ it was fun.
    how was new job/first day?
    make any new friends?
    new enemies?
    leave a crowd of stunned and awed admirers in your wake?
    same old same old.

  14. brilliant, brilliant, prose that moves like liquid. Loved it, the stream of consciousness with a lascivious undercurrent. I bet that was a first draft too. This is the best thing I’ve read all day (appplause, woohoos, hoots, and cat-calls, encore, encore- give us more 🙂 )

  15. Thankyou all again for your outrageously outrageous comments. I posted a piece today and it disappeared when I tried to edit it, I pushed save but it evaporated into the ether, must be a sign,

  16. It’ll be saved as a draft, go looksee.

  17. Nope it’s gone. Oh well, it wasn’t very good anyway. There is plenty other stuff here for people to read. Never mind.

  18. Now don’t be mixing your non metaphores

  19. Great essay on pest(s)! Never thought about them like that!

    I agree. Lots to read here..


  20. ^^^
    I’m a pest?


    (where’s the dang icon for drama queen tears?)

    ps… i am sooooo totally messing with you just because the opening was presented.

  21. Well, Lakota I shall have to punish you by going over to your place and singing some disco music, oo oo oo oo oo stayin alive stayin alive, oh you can tell by the way i move my hips, i’m a woman’s man, no time to talk, oo,

  22. you are evil.

  23. Why thankyou, coming from you my dear that is a compliment amongst compliments, haha, other’s play at being evil but they are mere pretenders, mere writers of the word smack, hahahahahaha, (evil cackle)

  24. ~sigh~ the mystique is gone. he knows me so well already. knows i’m drawn to play with the bad ones, the evil ones, all dressed in black with a cutting sense of humor. so so sexy the darkling one. ~sigh~

  25. A prose poem, that’s what this is–loopy, manic, strange, and beautiful.

  26. joefelso just described paul

  27. Well the first three words definitely,

  28. Awwwww come on, dont be coy. LOL

  29. Thought these be discernable creatures, still I get the sense of a book of imaginary beings.

  30. Haha, Peter, Borges, you are a wonderment, Borges, it is old and frail in my bookshelf and i had forgotten it, thankyou so much,

  31. Paul,

    Your blog is great and I have read some entries again and again. Thanks for posting and also for the kind words on the platypus footage. For some reason – during the last year – I found it important to dedicate long weekends in search of platypus in the wild. Watching these merry creatures tending to daily duties puts a smile on your face.

  32. Thanks Mike, I wrote this piece and then went looking for footage and yours was the best by far, rage on, i say,

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