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I call this pseudopainting, Riverwalk. I went for a walk by the river today as the sun set and frogs were throwing their voices and it very easy for me to let the city slip away and the landscape return to the winding river delta it was before we imagined a city into being.

And then imagined into being the pseudopainting using RealDraw Pro. You can get a free 30 day trial version from here. It is so easy to use, I can’t paint or draw at all, but the artists among you would have a ball, a great big shiny 3d one wrapped in a million skins and lit by moving lights radiating joy,



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  1. I’m a fan of psuedo anything, i always feel like a stalker when i comment first, but we ARE in the same country.

  2. laughing at Enigma, I know exactly what you mean cos it’s often me but the time difference just works that way….this is a beautiful post Paul 🙂 Those frogs, I can almost hear them.

  3. Stalkers, cool, you’re not famous til you got stalkers, haha, you two can stalk me anytime,

  4. I can almost hear the frogs too. You hit the lyrical sublime in your melodic intro to art. Very cool, the way you captured the moment into visual, word, and sound. Beautiful.

  5. both the art and the words–cool piece

  6. You’ve hit the big time… now quit hoarding all the good stalkers.

  7. Yes, I remember the frogs on the sixth at Riverview, the ones trained to croak precisely during my backswing and at no other time. Yes, the course marshals were forced to remove my foursome from the area, but the legs were delicious when deepfried. Yumm…

  8. I know where you live..*said in creepy ,husky voice*

  9. Haha, Ozzy, you got a few of your own, I know. Bob, welcome back, yummy, Enigma, my address is on the left, come round for a cup of tea next time you venture North, Rage on,

  10. Cool, i,ll bring the lamingtons.

  11. So now you are into big time selling?

  12. I wish I was into bigtime selling, bigtime napping in the sun is what i’m into right now,

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