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(Keith Jarrett. “All The Things You Are”)

i must admit in the spirit of Randallian honesty
that i am listening to Keith Jarrett again through the headphones.
he is ablaze like a Sumedhian garden, as precise and transcendentally
accurate as a vision of Jo’s.
i have returned from Perception Point with a finer sense
of an articulate and harmonious future,
been persuaded by Scot Young of the utility of truth and passion,
have seen not so secret smiles exchanged between Lakota and her piratepoet
and been between two Peters poised,
travelled with Amuirin ascendant and seen an Enigma resolve into the simple truth
of a mother’s love.

the truth is easy and selfevident, its expression a delight,
but now i must return to the wonders of the night,


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  1. 🙂

    the Enigma line is lovely, that piece made me all oh gooey.

  2. oooohhhh…….gosh, you described everyone so beautifully, so innocently and magicaly ,the sweet thing between our romantic pirate ,and prinsess ,the fire of Sumedh, the indescribable (aptly described) visons of Jo, the truth and passion of Scott, the two mystery Peters, the ascendant of Amurin, and a mothers love, but most of all, my dear, you have described the beauty of yourself.

  3. Thanks for the Jazz. Sweet. Needed that this morning.
    Yes, back to the wonders of the night with ya, you scare me when you get all nice and stuff ; -)

  4. Randillian honesty, I like the sound of that.

  5. Ps, sorry i missed randal, its because i didnt want to tell him what to do.LOL

  6. good write paul–thanks–it is you

  7. I don’t know about the others, but when you write me in, I strut and swagger for the rest of the evening.

  8. It puts a spring in my step, and a sparkle in my eyes.

  9. yayay, strut and swagger, spring and sparkle, perfect,

  10. I stutter and fumble at the beauty of your writing!

  11. This is like an ode to community among writers. Thank you for including me.

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