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March 22, 2008 at 3:58 pm | Posted in writing | 19 Comments
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the last page of the new manuscript, get in and have a look while you can ‘cos the old man is on my back about giving stuff away and writing silly poems for my own amusement,


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  1. Thats my kind of music, and will we have to pay for the pleasure of your words in the future?:)
    “a small alphabet indicating separation of the speaker from the subject,
    parentheses implied, perhaps’

    without a subject..their could be no recognition of the object, and nothing would be known…just a blob of allness.

    Gotta love those stubby fingers.
    P S i,m sort of back.

  2. Oh Enigma’s back, yippee! Hope the elbow’s all better 🙂

    Love the front page but I won’t use the word.

  3. a perfectly good instrument, burning, indeed

  4. i challenge someone to do that on a violin, i do; not that i’m going to give anything even if they do, just my amazement; how about on a Stradivarius? :O

  5. yayayay, Enigma is back and firing on all cylinders by the sounds of it you always hear, which word Jo and why not? and Sumedh, when you play the violin sometimes doesn’t it feel like you are doing that?

  6. begins with a g

  7. “writing silly poems for my own amusement” – iz called developing a following and PR, innit?
    without a teasing taste of your brilliance I would never have been stopped in my tracks and instantly hooked. Sampling ain’t a bad thing in marketing. Just saying.

  8. Hot time in the old town tonight…..

  9. play it again sam

  10. Burning critics or pianos, this guy is en fuego!

    It was tutoring English at my local community college that I learned this; if you have a great idea, don’t shy away from giving it to another, and in this way will room be made for ten more sparks to take it’s place.

    But, you have to do what you have to do. I hope you arne’t absent as long as I was on my walkabout.

  11. PS I like the new grey look, very masculine, with just a hint of circus at the top.

  12. Does that mean your going away? I hope not.

  13. Unfortunately, the performance showed a distinct lack of cowbells…

  14. Thanks everybody. No, I’m not going anywhere, just going through one of my regular metamorphoses. This site will have to become something other than a showcase for my writing. I’ll try to slip a few poems in here and there but I’m sure you will enjoy the adventure to come, change is always good, I always say, life is an amazing adventure, rage on, woohoo, etc,

  15. “get in and have a look while you can ‘cos the old man is on my back about giving stuff away and writing silly poems for my own amusement”

    haha so true. I can relate.

    Paul, I think we must be metamorphosising at the same time…I don’t *think* I’m going away either. Am I? I don’t know what I’m doing, as always. Is that the mark of a good artist? total aimlessness and a rubbishness-with-careers and money? (I’m speaking more for myself there, I wouldn’t want to presume!)

    haha “stay tuned” is probably the cliche to use here. En Guard! Huzzah!

  16. Aimlessness and careerhopelessness certainly sound familiar, either groping around in the dark or trusting my instincts depending on my mood, i will stay tuned for more of your gorgeous writing, for sure, Peter, Touche!

  17. you woulda loved seeing the slightly torched 88 pianos stacked up at burning man in 1996…which were then torched the rest of the way.

    we all hoped for sonic fire piano playing but instead just heard the flames licking the wind. they didn’t even groan one note as they collapsed.

    but hey you don’t know until you try. maybe they needed 108 pianos

  18. well, i would like to say they would have made a noise if I had been there, but i know that irony is often misunderstood, hello again, the artpredator, so called by her useless sculptor boyfriend, i remember you,

  19. HELlooooooo Peter! Time is not linear, hahahahahahahahappy birthdayayayayayayayayayay

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