a taste of cowrie shell

March 17, 2008 at 6:57 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 15 Comments
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he only heard a breath
exu, she said,
tracing the line of his shoulders,


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  1. i will suffer the excruciating pain of leaving a comment for this (the things I have to do)……beautiful, seductive….ditto Jo.

  2. in three lines, I can see it perfectly

  3. Simple & suggestive. Well done.

  4. The least mention of cowrie makes me want to puka. heh heh heh

  5. notice ~ concise art=concise comments

  6. Scot, four lines.

  7. Thanks everybody, tiny things like these are so easy to slide past,

  8. see, told ya.


  9. It’s very pleasant you found such a short but powerful word, you’ve used exu in another poem I’ve read… echoing another poster, though, concise poetry = concise ambitions, I hope.

    Waiting for something with less japan and more meat. Good flash, though.

  10. yes, in so few words, yes.

    I am making a place where you can send a root to taste different soil. I am tending this earth as we speak. Wait for me?

    miss you.

  11. I love how you end it on a comma.

  12. i like the comma at the end too signifying more to come!

  13. sometimes, in fact many times, the least number of words are most mind-blowing.

  14. thanks everybody, Amuirin, you might have been the only one to put the two together, Hydra Helix, helloooooo, where have you been and where are you know? hurry hurry, i can’t wait,

  15. So what did she find………….?

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