4p.m. (conflict resolution,

March 7, 2008 at 6:33 pm | Posted in writing | 15 Comments
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dialectic, yours in elenchus, pat of the shoulder, well played son, see you at the nineteenth, my shout of course,

oh thanks, and remember forget that belly, keep those hips low and really move through it, oh and by the way.. last time your check bounced, i didn’t mention it cos you were good enough to take me to your restaurant and so forth, but i wondered, could i get it in cash from now on?

3a.m. reaching over and squeezing my shoulder, respect, honesty and respect, that’s what I built my business on, shoving the cash into my jacket pocket, golf punk, heh, might come in handy, gotta steady hand in a crisis, sink the must sink putt with a flourish, always follows through with hips, Candy, c’mere a minute,

8a.m. First Tee. Unshaven. just stand there for a moment over the ball, and breathe,


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  1. Kitano nexus,

  2. Happy golfing,

  3. Hmm Kistsune, another fox trickster spirit, have you dissappeared under a gone link again,

  4. making golf a whole new ball game, brilliant……

  5. yeah Jo, popart, bring on the Lichtenstein,
    p.s. if you are interested in web design as an art form, and respect for the original work, check out this link

  6. more than meets the eye.

  7. Kitsune has no link ,haha

  8. Remember… (((BE THE BALL…))) (((BE THE BALL…))) Try it, it’s totally yips-proof.

  9. na na na na na (Chevy Chase in Caddy Shack)

  10. See that link up there, Golf Club Rental? Now you’ld swear that was written by a human but it is a link to a golf shop, not quite spam, I am getting more and more of them, this one I will leave here because of the popart nature of the piece, hmm interesting,

  11. just don’t pop any balls off at the hawks. 😦
    Did you read about that in today’s news? Bad golfer dude. Everyone needs to throw hard balls at him for killing that hawk.

  12. Just what I like, a story with balls and a follow through. What? Someone killed a hawk with a golf ball? Is that considered a big birdie? I jest of course, I know it’s a penalty stroke.

  13. it frightens me a little, so greedy of colour and shape in excess

  14. Wow, auto-spam…

  15. nuuuunnnaaaa nnaaaaannaaa nuuuuhhh (caddyshack..had to be done)

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