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February 28, 2008 at 6:56 pm | Posted in pictures | 10 Comments

You know, my dear, looking out from the balcony over the roughpebbled beach to the grey Northern winter, European landscape painters squabbled for decades about why they couldn’t paint landscapes that looked like Australia while selling their secondrate paintings back here in England at exhorbitant prices to the ill informed, then came a generation of Impressionists, he said turning to her like sunonhead looking for a quick smile, who realised a different quality of light,



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  1. Charles Condor, ‘Herricks blossoms’ 1889
    For more about Australian Impressionist painting here is an excellent resource. National Gallery of Victoria, Australian Impressionism.

  2. … hues that defy the reflections in the North and instead create the converse, the pink to our blue in the subtlest, slightest pinpricks of shade. You know, to highlight black, one must use blue. If you look too closely, it would drive a man insane. Wondrousness of left to right, North to South, a compliment indeed.

  3. nice work–I know very little about this– but see a poem in side.

  4. Beautiful painting, peace. When I think of Australian light, it would be very hard to capture that unless you lived with it, your idea of light shaped by living with it. And it is no surprise you love the impressionists, your writing has similar qualities, breaks the rules to produce something more beautiful than the thing itself.

  5. the problem is, light in the southern hemisphere operates opposite of light in the northern hemisphere. kinda like cyclonic rotations and such.
    makes sense to me

  6. brilliant! BTW, FYI, I’m BACK!

  7. not only how you see/perceive the world but how you communicate back what you see can make all the difference. step, step, step outside the box! Nicely done Gingadude.

  8. it reminds me a bit of the paintings Monet did when he was loosing his sight… the softness, with just a hint of bleak.

  9. The Australian sky really is some kind of sky – beautiful and merciless at the same time. Check out Streeton’s Golden Summer for an example. Great writing BTW.

  10. “Beautiful and merciless..” perfect. I looked at Streeton and others for this piece, but this Condor just had some tiny touches I couldn’t resist.

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