My Dearest Enigma,

February 20, 2008 at 6:18 pm | Posted in writing | 13 Comments

thank you for your gift, it was a puzzle indeed,

the problem is with the image, a ladder assumes that she is down here

and that heaven is up there and that it will require some effort for the twain to meet,

most contrary to my nature i am afraid and i am what nature made me after all,

may i suggest a graceful descent into heaven,

a slow slide,


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  1. only you, laughing, very clever, just like your teachers said

  2. A graceful ,slowly sliding descent into heaven is perfect (I dont want you to go to too much effort chuckle)…most expect to ascend to heaven, so up is down, and down is up..and things, after all, are not what they seem.Or are they?

  3. PS The guitar clip was beautiful, i’m seeing leo kotke next week.

  4. looking up whilst she’s sliding down

    I feel all tingly.



  5. …what a slippery slope that is…

  6. New words on a new page…delightful.

  7. Goodness!What a lovely blog, love the colors, very masculine…like an old fashioned libary, all leather and wood paneled.

  8. Thankyou, that’s what I thought, old fashioned for new directions, but it’s probably only temporary, I miss the other one already, but this is more journal-like.

  9. like the change, but I understand too well that like this–it will change again…the creative types are always striving for something better…and the best is only temporary.

  10. Where am I? It’s all red and cream…….and where’s that lovely Manet. Kind of soothing though…….mad doctoral thesis, ha ha.

  11. Gosh, it feels homely around here – cushions and everything! A very unangelic post, which is perfect.

  12. Really like this one. That’s a nice twist on a pretty old concept.

  13. hey, you’re a nice guy with some cool poems, and honest too, I know cos I been watching yah, here’s a tip for young players, you get a request, play it backwards, see Keith Jarrett,

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