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The second time I got arrested was purple. She was wearing a Deep Purple T-Shirt with the sleeves ripped off and her hair was dyed bright purple. She had a tattoo of a black panther which curled up the side of her right breast. It had been inked by Little Mick, the local legend. It had perfect perspective so that when you looked down it leaped from near her armpit and in 3D flashed its claws round her nipple. You couldn’t help but get slashed.

She was only seventeen and I had been working as a driver for Mrs Tilley for four years by then so I felt fully equipped to deal with something so obvious and I was dumb enough not to think, heh, Little Mick did that ink, Mrs Tilley and The Rebels don’t get along real good. It was at the end of opiates and the rise of synthetics, markets were unclear. And the truth is I didn’t think, still rarely do.

Then she turned up literally purple, round the lips and with purple fingerprints on her upper arm. Obviously everyone knew about me and the cat so I was looked at. The boys weren’t a worry, what did they care but The Rebels took an interest, it turned out she was Little Micks little sister.

Basically, Mrs Tilley made the deal to avoid another corpse in less then a week, mine. So I took two years for Purple to satisfy Little Mick. After he calmed down he knew it made no sense for me to force a hot shot but he still had his honour served. I liked Purple, she was a laugher, she had a lot of different laughs and the ink was wicked.

I spent a little while in there angry and thinking who which was of course preceded by why. And then I realised it really wasn’t important. It’s only a matter of time, blood’s only purple on the inside, soon as it meets the air it turns red. I got out, and getting out’s become a habit,


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  1. amazing imagery!

  2. Seamless. And luckily part of it got locked in forever so that we get to read it… quite right and quite rightly.

  3. Thanks. Here is the first time I got arrested. Home. Just so I dont have to go look it up next time I wanna do a chapter.

  4. Methinks you and I have had a similar past..and probably know quite a few of the same people.

  5. intrigiung opening, really makes the reader want to read more. I also like how the purple keeps flowing through the piece

  6. brilliant

  7. the ending is amazing…….great pace, vivid characterisations, wild.

  8. Thankyou all, the jacarandas used to bloom in November, but the weather is changing, now it is earlier in the year, I like that Saints song more and more and I was watching in here, read the little story and thought, why is he covered in purple flowers, purple,

  9. excellent opening–great hook and the last lines–poetic!

  10. Sounds as though getting in is likewise. great narative.

  11. Getting out always becomes the issue at some point, doesn’t it? Memory is transient and quite selective, especially when matters of the flesh are concerned. Were it not for this, we’d all be monks, no?

  12. Purple laughter is good. Once again, great visual.

  13. This is just great. I think I like the closing paragraph best of all. The pace is fantastic – no time to stop and slowly chew each word…I feel like I just have to keep moving forward to the next bite.

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