Begging The Breath Of The Dead

January 23, 2008 at 4:58 pm | Posted in writing | 10 Comments
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Dedicated to the discovery of elegant constructions, sentences, mostly in the pluperfect since they were written before being read, which often refer to themselves in the mischievous third person.

Grammar is an aid to comprehension, an evolved codification of thought pauses, useful only as a convenience.

The days of begging the breath of the dead have come to end, my friends.


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  1. Mischievous indeed. I firmly believe that each person takes their own dreams from words and that is half the beauty of this art we weave. Begging is such a desperate word. Perfect.

  2. and very true!

  3. I’ve not begged breath all day long (so far) and as for from the dead, well, sufice to say it was a new years resolution of mine I have yet to break… of course it is the only one I have yet to break.

  4. oh paul
    punctuation is a big old bag of marbles when you think about it just for a

    they bounce on stone
    shatter on concrete and siiiink in sssand

    you know these things

  5. We are all strolling upon a graveyard of grammar and metaphor. . .

    I wonder who the messiah is, and I wonder what the world will look like when he raises all this linguistic dust from the dead.

  6. Maybe you two should just have it out and arm wrestle.

  7. Who? Is there an arm wrestle somewhere? Cool, I will go watch, you have a new picture,

  8. Are you and I riding the same wave or what, Paul? I notice that you wrote this a while ago but it’s at the top of your blog today, and I’m working on something at this moment that is all about the end of those kinds of days. Hears to the future mate. Cheers!

  9. Grammar as “an evolved codification of thought pauses” — I don’t think I’ve ever heard/read grammar defined so well.

  10. I am not a fan of grammar in general…:)…it is the traitorist bitch that always eludes me.

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