The Dali Heart

December 9, 2007 at 10:38 am | Posted in pictures | 5 Comments
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( click here to see The Dali Heart )

A beautiful object by Dali.


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  1. and it pulses… oh! everyone should know it pulses… with a tiny little mechanism inside of it.

    and as it pulses,throwing sparkles from the tiny rubies, very very gently, it is not the actual heart that seems to come to life… but the emotion within it.

  2. Oh Narnie. I wanted to mention that it was your wonderful piece of writing ‘Prelude to Figueres’ that first alerted me to the existence of this magical object.

  3. Narnie is a talented one, indeed.

    And Dali is in a class by himself.

  4. When Dali first came to America, a press conference greeted him. Someone from the NY Times asked him “what kind of drugs are you on?”

    (laughs all around)

    Dali: “I am drugs”


  5. Brilliant! I was watching a pice of footage the other day of Dali being interviewed with Alice Cooper. Thanks Eric, I’ll see if I can do find it,

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