An Ode To Wulfstan Crumble

October 27, 2007 at 3:26 pm | Posted in writing | 6 Comments
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An Ode to Wulfstan Crumble

Crumble! I would say,
and he would ignore me completely,

Mr Wulfhino de crumbblebum where is your
surreal English eccentricity,
the very suited gent of certain education
messing an intelligence. Crumble me a puzzle.

How I miss the englishman in japan,
pop mod genius, welsh rabbit, nailed duck,
and pork crackle, where are you Wulfstan
of the Crumble!

(my expression though trite is not mocking,
the emotion, and far be it from me to cast you in
some manner in which you are unaccustomed,
some role you do not desire, but your genius Crumble,
not you, I miss, and it was uniquely yours,
impossible but there,

I Takeshi Kitano you Crumble
japanese pop mod ubercool
advertise you


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  1. Exactly the same thing was on my mind and all at once we call, all at once
    oh paul….
    wonderful writing ((y))

  2. This is very cool, though I do not know the gentleman in question…….but your genius Crumble, not you, I miss, and it was uniquely yours, impossible but there — this just skips along!

  3. I miss him not his genius. Maybe if we all shout together? I hope he’s ok…

  4. Thank you for that wonderful ode. It was really funny as i cough up my pneumoniatic guts… Life is truly crap at the moment and pneumonia is a lovely set of icing…. i’m slowly working on my anglo-saxon fantasy novel when not coughing. Again thank you. i miss my friends too…i’m available on myspace if anyone wants to email me.
    Again, cheers Paul.

  5. yayaya!! Get better soon!

  6. I nearly fell over when I saw an ode to Wolfstan. Had to run over here to read it! [“Wonderful job – Great write”. lol. ] Sorry to know Wolfstan’s been missing in action due to pneumonia. You’ve summed up the puzzling Mr. Crumble very well.

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