Over Before It Began

October 19, 2007 at 4:51 pm | Posted in writing | 8 Comments
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The Ascot Ladies Poetry Society Presents…

lulled into adjectival dreams with the ironic
Post-Bohemia of your local opium den,
oxygen bar, vegetal concoctions for sale
at organic prices grown by a darling old man
just up the road, Michael Bauer and his surreal
postulations on orchids in Aubrey Beardsley
dressing room arabesques of black and white.

The ladies chuckle at such refined outrageousness,
outside small white dogs patrol manicured lawns,
and piss in gardens of scented…

Wake up, Squires, you’re on,


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  1. Gorgeous……..gave me quite a chuckle? I love the sly slipping in of ‘piss’.

  2. Ooops, that should be an exclamation not a question mark. I can’t see properly on this black blog.

  3. Heh! Real nice one.

    Oh! You play the piano?! 🙂 What piece is that header-image phrase from? Quite a deep bassed fortissimo!

  4. Interesting mix of images.

    Is this what society life really is?

  5. The music is from the soundtrack to the movie “Requiem for a Dream” Here it is on wikipedia, Requiem for a Dream Soundtrack

    As for what society life really is, I happily have no idea.

  6. Uncle, i am reading every word ((((you))))

  7. Such compliments, you are all far too kind to an ageing man with such a stutter. This piece has been podcast.

  8. […] second was when I was about nineteen and some Classics scholar, President of the Latin and Ancient History Society objected to me leaving the meeting drunk and […]

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