a garden

September 4, 2007 at 7:51 am | Posted in pictures, writing | 5 Comments
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this is the insta-blog, received thru static, text only mode, fragment unlinked. if one stumbles across ee cummings twice in circling the bloggosphere for connecticons one can synchonize the fold in time with a larger crop circle.
we are somewhere over the pacific, i think that’s Easter Island beneath us,
i hear ebby whisper (((ssssshhhhh))) out!
i hear amber delight in a found thenome, a
duality of meaning which she finds in her tongue as it clickclacks
down lowslung streets,
and bauer’s surreal postulations about orchids,
and where there should be (((((you)))))
there is you
as I am typing, a thought you feel of my absence,
the screen between us and the time
all three dissolve,
the time machine takes flight powered by imagination alone,
infused with emotion,
a garden blossoms under a glass bottom


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  1. Interesting post! You wrote this in a plane?

  2. Metaphorically. The voice is halfway down the wire, between the poet and his absent love. It is a poem which concerns itself primarily with transitions, from open prose to tightly controlled poetical form, from a static hiss to the clarity of the open flower in your beautiful garden my friend.

  3. wow…it really is uniquely and nicely done!

  4. thankyou,

  5. Beatiful flowers that you can almost smell… beautiful writing that you can definately feel. Perfect.

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